High on Rebellion: Inside the Underground at Max’s Kansas City

ISBN: 1560251832
ISBN 13: 9781560251835
By: Yvonne Sewall Ruskin Yvonne Sewall-Ruskin Lou Reed

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About this book

Max's Kansas City, an all-in-one restaurant-bar-nightclub, opened its doors in December 1965 at 213 Park Avenue South, near Union Square, in Manhattan, just as American popular culture was poised on the brink of a seismic shift whose aftershocks continue to reverberate. Max's quickly became the place to be in the nexus of underground life where art, sex, drugs, rock and roll, and Superstars ignited a cultural conflagration that will never be extinguished. Everyone who was anyone was there (and many Anybodies were there before they became Somebodies): Mick Jagger, Faye Dunaway, Larry Rivers, Jim Morrison, Julie Christie, Richard Avedon, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, Tennessee Williams, Robert Mapplethorpe, John Waters, Halston, Bianca Jagger, Philip Glass, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Fran Lebowitz, Jane Fonda, Warren Beatty, Tuesday Weld, Twiggy, Frank Zappa, Peter Max, Joan Baez, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Velvet Underground - and the list goes on and on. High on Rebellion celebrates Max's with over 200 never-before-published black-and-white photographs of face after famous face, you-could-have-been-there-profiles, memorabilia, and hundreds of personal reminiscences and testimonials: Together these make for a tribute to a place that was like no other, where the creative chemistry of thousands of artists, film-makers, musicians, writers, poets, photographers, models, movie stars, and socialites combusted into the longest-running party in history - and a crucible for the culture and history of an era.

Reader's Thoughts

Richard Lynn

I wish I could have hung out at Max's...


Fantastic pictures with brief stories. I can look at the photos over & over & have. If your interested in that time, Max's, artists, The Factory this is for you.


A great collection of stories and images from the glory-years of decadence at Max's Kansas City from 1965 - 1974. Anyone who is a fan of that late 1960's/early 1970's NYC music and arts scene would do well to dig up a copy of this book. I can guarantee you, you will find yourself browsing through this one again and again.My only complaint is that the book could have been and should have been so much larger and more inclusive if the "Peter Crowley Years" of 1975 to 1981 had been covered in more detail instead of just being glossed over as an afterthought. I was told recently by Peter himself that he had been asked to be interviewed for the book but that he had politely declined in participating.In late 2009, I began putting together a huge online database of chronoliogical Max's Kansas City history...you can find much information about the club, photos, videos, links and more at:http://thisaintthesummeroflove.blogsp...


too many burn-outs spoil the soup.

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