ISBN: 1601420064
ISBN 13: 9781601420060
By: Kathy Herman

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About this book

Eighteen-year-old Angie Marks, tattooed and pierced, shows up in the small town of Baxter without a place to stay. When eccentric millionaire Patrick Bailey hires her to be his housekeeper, and then when Angie risks her own safety to help Mr. Bailey get his twin great-grandsons out of a rattlesnake's strike zone, she finds herself fully at the center of the town's curiosity. At Monty's Diner they say she might be involved with Billy Joe Sawyer, using rattlers to intimidate the key witnesses in his upcoming trial. Is she? Or does Angie Marks have her own agenda?

Reader's Thoughts

Judy Wise

I can't believe that this series is almost over, with just 1 more book to find. This was a different story for me, exciting and spiritual complete with snakes, and murder.I loved it and look forward to the search for the final book "A Fine Line" in thisseries.


Interesting approach to cultural challenges in a small town.

Christine Bax

I have really enjoyed the Baxter Series by Kathy Herman. High Stakes continues with the characters we meet in the first three books.Although these books are a fast read, they are by no means light on content. I have found the series thought provoking and they have me searching myself and questioning my beliefs. They have indeed brought me closer to the Lord and Kathy Herman should be proud of these books because of that fact.


"High Stakes", book four in the Baxter Series, is another page-turner. How can a convicted killer, who is behind bars, carry out his revenge on the people who put him there? Add to the mix, the arrival to town of a rough-looking teen-aged girl. What does she want from the people of Baxter/

Pamela Leinenweaver

Such a wonderful book so hard to put them down


HIGH STAKES, the fourth book in The Baxter Series, quickly became my favorite. The introduction of Angie Marks, a young, free-spirited, teenager brought a youthful energy to the book. Angie has come to Baxter for a reason, not just by chance. And her spiky black hair, tattoos, and piercings, draws stares and standoff attitudes from the town’s people. Will she follow through with her plan? And what will she do when people suspect her in a crime just because she looks different?Though I was surprised with the drastic change in the character of Patrick Bailey, I loved the interaction between him and Angie. The takeaway message of HIGH STAKES is, How do we treat others when they are different from ourselves? I’ve enjoyed the way all the characters overlap in this series. Though I continue to be surprised at how quickly some of the characters have gone from hardnosed, critical - to born again, virtuous, it has not been enough to sway me from reading further. I am now off to the final book of the series, A FINE LINE.


good, i like how she puts the message in her books and they still have a little mystery and sap too.

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