Hiking the Benton Mackaye Trail

ISBN: 1561453110
ISBN 13: 0765288531102
By: Tim Homan

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About this book

Veteran hiker and nature writer Tim Homan guides fellow hikers and back-packers along the Benton MacKaye Trail, currently a 90-mile trail that extends from Springer Mountain in Georgia into southern Tennessee. The guidebook is divided into 12 trail sections, each including a map; an elevation profile; and easy-to-use information on length, difficulty, access and scenic features. Homan describes the surrounding habitat, providing commentary on the area's flora and fauna. Also included is an essay on the origins and history of the trail and the Benton MacKaye Trail Association, as well as a timetable for the development of the remainder of the proposed trail, information about the gelogy of the area, and a brief biography of founder Benton MacKaye. Named in Honor of Benton MacKaye, who inspired the creation of the Appalachian Trail, the trail is in progress and will eventually cover more than 270 miles and extend from Gerogia through Tennessee into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to rejoin the Appalachian Trail.

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