Hillary Clinton: The Inside Story

ISBN: 0725107286
ISBN 13: 9780725107284
By: Judith Warner

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About this book

This completely revised, rewritten version of the 1993 "New York Times" bestseller from Signet updates Hillary's story right up to the impeachment trial. Get insights into her enduring love for Bill Clinton and why she stays married to him, how Hillary emerged from the impeachment ordeal stronger, and how she has sparked a debate about the role of women in society. The author is a staff reporter for "Newsweek." 8 pages of photos.

Reader's Thoughts


You've got to give it to her.


At the time I read this, (2005) I really didn't like Hillary very much... but this year, I voted for her for President. The book really opened my eyes and gave me a whole new respect and appreciatation for this remarkable woman.


Nothing that much! An average good read anyway...

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