Hiroshima Mon Amour

ISBN: 082883637X
ISBN 13: 9780828836371
By: Marguerite Duras

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Reader's Thoughts

Ruta Sevo

A screenplay with photos from the movie inserted here and there. It is love story between a white woman and a Japanese man. Sensuality mixed with ambiguity between the two, horrors of the bomb, cultural differences. You have to be comfortable reading a script.


This was the first piece of literature that I read IN FRENCH! I loved it so much and the thrill of finally being able to read such works in their original form, it inspired me to minor in French and then live and study in Paris for 4 months in 2000.


I have a feeling this is much more enjoyable to read than your average screenplay. Mainly though, it makes me want to watch the movie, which I haven't seen.


Eli kyseessä on kuuluisan elokuvan käsikirjoistus taustoituksineen ja dialogeineen. Paljon maisema- ja kohtauskuvailuita. Herätti kiinnostuksen elokuvan näkemiseen. Toisen maailmansodan aikana suuren tragedian kohdannut ranskalaisnainen matkustaa Hiroshimaan rooliaan varten rauhaa julistavassa elokuvassa. Nainen tapaa itseään vanhemman japanilaismiehen ja heidän välilleen syttyy lyhyt, mutta tulinen romanssi. Heitä molempia yhdistää sodan jättämät arvet, mutta eri tasoilla.

Jean-claude Boulos

I enjoyed the film much more. Reading the screenplay was rather pointless.


this is actually a screenplay, but i read it in my french class: 20th century drama....so there

Maria Kelly

The screenplay, written by Marguerite Duras, of the film made by Alan Renais. Touching, haunting, tragic tale of a brief romance between a French actress and a Japanese architect while the woman is working on a film about peace in Hiroshima in the 1950s. The book has images from the film in it, and they are not for the faint of heart. Photos of victims of the Hiroshima bombing are a graphic reminder of the price paid in innocence for the end of World War II. I read this book for my World Literature and Culture class at the University of South Florida, and this week we are scheduled to watch the film. The dialogue and description of action between the two unnamed protagonists is hauntingly beautiful and subtly erotic. "You were made to the size of my body. You destroy me," the woman says to the man. Beautifully written with delicious dialogue.


This book is a rich read focusing on the often unexpressable emotions that are love, life, and loss. Duras attempts the difficult task of expressing these emotions and the pull have on us in this novel.

Ebtihal Abuali

تقييم الكتاب في القوود ريدز 3.9 من أصل خمسة وهو تقييم ممتاز، معظم القراء أحبوه، وبخاصة من قرأوا النسخة الفرنسية الأصلية، أو من قرأوا نسخاً مرفقة بصورة من الفيلم. البعض عبر عن اعجابه بالكتاب ارتبطاً بالاعجاب بالفيلم.شخصياً لا أجد أني أحببته ولا استمتعت بقراءته. أتصور أن بقدرتي مشاهدة الفيلم والاستمتاع به بصورة أفضل. الكتاب بصفته سيناريو فيلم قائم على الحوار بين الشخصيتين الرئيسين في الفيلم. الفصل الأول خلط الجمل الحوارية بمشاهد لما حل بهيروشيما بعد القنبلة. هناك ذاك الارتباط العاطفي غير المفهوم ( ربما غير المبرر والبلا حاجة للتبرير) بين رجل وامرأة التقيا صدفة. القصة المهمة أكثر بالنسبة لي كانت التاريخ العاطفي للمرأة الفرنسية التي أحبت "العدو" يوماً ما (جندي ألماني) ولم تنفصل عنه عاطفياً أبداً، حتى وهي تخوض ما يشبه علاقتها مرة ثانية. انه تطلب اعتذاره عن الخيانة، حتى وهي تعرف انه مات منذ سنوات بعيدة. أعتقد أن الترجمة لم تكن بارعة وربما فاتنا فيها أكثر مما نعرف. ملاحظات الكاتبة الملحقة بالرواية تقول انها حاولت ان تجعل المشاهد ينسى ان القضية هي فرنسية وياباني، ويفكر بهما فقط باعتبارهما رجل وامرأة. لا اعرف كيف يكون هذا ممكناً حين تكون الرواية لا تتوقف عن الاشارة للرجل بأنه "الياباني" والمرأة بأنها فرنسية.


je te rencontre. je me souviens de toi. qui es-tu? tu me tues. tu me fais du bien. comment me serais-je doutée que cette ville ètait faite à la taille de l'amour? comment me serais-je doutée que tu ètais fait à la taille de mon corps meme? tu me plais. quel événement. tu me plais. quelle lenteur tout à coup. quelle douceur. tu ne peux pas savoir. tu me tues. tu me fais du bien. tu me tues. tu me fais du bien"


This text is so rich in its multilayered contemplation on memory, loss, and love- I could not stop thinking about it. I so deeply felt for the female protagonist as she struggled as her words failed to capture the intimacy of experience, which I relished even more as I found myself failing to articulate my response in reading this. I also found the perspective on dependency both comforting and completely agonizing.... ugh! I just die every time- it's SO good... This screenplay is remarkably poetic and definitely holds its own even against the movie (which is also AMAZING). In short: read the screenplay, watch the film- you won't regret it.


A so/so love story. The film is pretty much a drawn-out version of Days Of Our Lives. I would recommend The Lover-it's much better.


I return to Hiroshima mon amour from time to time, thinking through the construction of the film of the same name. A hybrid between a screenplay and a novel of sorts, the text reveals how Duras worked through issues of identity and difference in presenting extremes of loss during the second World War from unexpected perspectives. In the end, the Japanese character is a bit static and it becomes clear in Duras's explanation of the back stories of each that the juxtaposition is meant to highlight the French woman's sordid past and her contribution to the suffering of others through her obliviousness during the War (which results in her public and brutal shaming during liberation). Her involvement with the Japanese man, in Hiroshima, is both atonement and recovery. The dialogue is priceless.

Sofia Jacinto

Que murro no estomago que foi este livro. Único defeito: demasiado pequeno.«Uma noite longe de ti e esperava o dia como uma libertação.»


(23/11/09: I'm still watching the film, which I'm loving, so the real rating and review are still pending.)Well, I kind of forgot I hadn't written this review. I said what I said because this book cannot be separated from the film. Now I couldn't make it justice just by summarizing it, and the plot isn't that new (except for the inter-racial couple, that was a shock in the sixties), but together they are a masterpiece and I've often found myself thinking about it.

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