Holy Bible: Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha

ISBN: 0192835254
ISBN 13: 9780192835253
By: Anonymous Robert P. Carroll Stephen Prickett

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About this book

The Bible is the most important book in the history of Western civilization, and also the most difficult to interpret. It has been the vehicle of continual conflict, with every interpretation reflecting passionately held views that have affected not merely religion, but politics, art, and even science. This unique edition offers an exciting new approach to the most influential of all English biblical texts--the Authorized King James Version, complete with the Apocrypha. Its wide-ranging Introduction and the substantial notes to each book of the Bible guide the reader through the labyrinth of literary, textual, and theological issues, using the most up-to-date scholarship to demonstrate how and why the Bible has affected the literature, art and general culture of the English-speaking world. The Bible: Authorized King James Version also includes the latest biblical research, evaluated and put into context as well as discussing centuries of critical opinion. A non-sectarian, historical approach makes it suitable for a wide range of readers. A Glossary of terms used in the Notes and six maps of the Holy Land further illuminate the meaning of this most culturally influential version of the Bible.

Reader's Thoughts


To complement my thriving exegesis skills I am determined to sift through this 1000 page tome of fiction, infant murder, genocide, incest and a host of other inhuman pestilences.


Don't believe in it, but it is an important book.

The Magnificent Ogisi

Preposterous shite. Thor and his mates do fiction better.

Ethan Miller

This is a great edition for what I wanted and needed from the "good book"; reference, inspiration and casual use/reading.


I have a walk-on role in this! In the book of Ezekiel, I am there, hiding behind the smoking peasants pulling a funny face. Got in trouble for that, but I was only a junior character at that point.

Siddharth Joshi

First things first. The stories in the Bible have been dictated by peasants and shepherds who lived in very backward areas of the Middle East. At this stage in world history, there were many civilizations who were centuries ahead of these nomads. However, the illiterate populace of the Middle East were drawn toward this cult of fear,ignorance and blind faith. Christianity soon became a very popular religion although Christians were ruthlessly persecuted by the Roman Empire. This changed when Constantine became the Roman Emperor. He converted to Christianity and the rest, they say, is history. Well, that's a short paragraph on how Christianity became so popular. Now coming to the Bible itself. The god of the Bible is egomaniacal,irrational,homicidal,genocidal,homophobic,sexist,racist,jealous and arrogant.Remember, this is the same all-loving,all powerful god of the Christians. Some of the stories in the Bible are so ridiculous (Noah's Ark) and some are just unreadable (Job).The Bible is full of contradictions everywhere. This book has dominated the western world for so long and it's message has caused the deaths of millions of innocent lives in almost all parts of the world. Indeed, the book is so bad that it is said to be the number one 'source' of Atheism.Read this book to see how ridiculously ignorant and foolish humans can be.


I finally got around to it. As literature, it's lacking at best. Lots of inconsistencies and contradictions.

Gabriel Cubbage

It's no Twilight. Then again the movie versions of this book are better. Minus two stars for Deuteronomy (really drags the story down), the blatantly obvious Christ figure, poor foreshadowing, and the inexplicable lack of Voldemort.This book was ghostwritten by Shakespeare, so I really expected more intrigue and obscure words for "chicken". The unicorns were a nice touch, though.SPOILERS:* Jesus dies.* Final chapter scary as hell. I think there's a dragon or maybe it's a lamb disguised as one? I don't know but it gave me nightmares. Michael Bay should make a horror movie out of this chapter. Maybe Sigur Ros could do the score?* God is kind of a jerk!


Well, I did it. I actually finished it.Will write more later on blog.


Reading the Bible for my English studies, who would have thought that. I do understand why, no worries. Fortunately I did have a good basis of Bible studies in my childhood and teenage years so that most of it felt familiar, because we had to work through the Bible in just a few weeks. It felt familiar and good. more

Matt Keefe

Somewhat far-fetched. Overlong. Unimaginative. Problematic in several regards. Not as big as it thinks it is, certainly not as clever.

David Smith

Now it is apparent to me. Maybe not to you but certainly to myself.My thoughts concur wholeheartedly with those of Mr. Jon Willis. His review of the book is fair,honest, straight to the heart of the matter. One of the many finer reviews here at Goodreads.


I was doing pretty well, studding my progress with pithy updates on Facebook. Then, Numbers. Oh God, Numbers, you are the worst.

John Fanning

It gets 5 stars for:The Song of SolomonEcclesiastesPsalms, esp. 23ProverbsThe rest, well... I'd prefer to read The Gospel of Thomas. Now that's a book.

Michael Fogleman

Read Matthew, Luke, Acts, Gospel of John, First Letter of John, I Corinthians, and Romans.

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