Hong Kong: Borrowed Place, Borrowed Time.

ISBN: 0233960171
ISBN 13: 9780233960173
By: Richard Hughes

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Reader's Thoughts


It's so fascinating to read a book published in 1976 that explores the future of Hong Kong, especially when that future is here! Hughes is an Old China Hand who rightfully attributes Hong Kong's success to the Chinese population there. But he also writes that Hong Kong has allowed to remain free because of the government in the PRC. And when Hughes finished this edition, Mao was still in power. Chilling stuff!Hughes doesn't blame Mao for the Great Leap Forward, and doesn't name the latter. But he does include a section about the great exodus of 1962 in which tens of thousand of Chinese were let into Hong Kong--a day--for 25 days by the PRC border guards. Hughes was in HK then and interviewed new refugees.Hughes writes about polygamy in HK and how Asian wives make better partners than western wives. He describes HK women as "comely" and makes other remarks that seem outdated, but these only add to the aura of the book. Fascinating stuff!

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