How Precious Was That While: An Autobiography

ISBN: 0312874642
ISBN 13: 9780312874643
By: Piers Anthony

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About this book

One of fantasy's most popular authors, Piers Anthony, is also one of the field's most fascinating and controversial personalities. His first volume of memoirs, Bio of an Ogre (1988), chronicled Anthony's first fifty years from his troubled childhood to his success as a writer, and raised eyebrows for its frank, outspoken comments on fellow writers, editors, and fans.Now Piers Anthony continues his remarkable life story with How Precious Was That While, a volume sure to intrigue and entertain his many fans -- and infuriate his critics. Focusing on the past 15 years of his career, the book also includes revealing episodes from Anthony's early years, scathing commentaries on the "bottom line" publishing mentality, and uncompromising views on human nature.But the soul of the book is a heartwrenching selection of letters and poems from Anthony's most ardent young fans, many of them deeply troubled, who have found in his writings a kindred spirit who understands both their anguish and their dreams.

Reader's Thoughts

Richard Evans

This memoir should appeal to anyone like me who would jump to the author's note of Piers Anthony's latest before reading the book. What I find fascinating about Anthony is his struggle for integrity in daily life. It appears he makes it unduly hard on himself in considering ethical implications of decisions I might take for granted. Then when considering his perspective am forced to reevaluate my own standard. Right or wrong he stands his ground, and it is typically the high road.


One of the number of people I'd not known was a Friend or raised in a Quaker family - and I found his assertion that "Writer's Block" is more an indication of not really wanting to write all that much . . . probably true


I read Piers Anthony only to mock him. In this, the second volume of autobiographical bitching and moaning (the first, "Bio of an Ogre", was mostly arrogant preening), Anthony more or less describes his slow fade-out from the zeitgeist of fantasy literature. He seems keenly aware that what did him in was spending so much time writing unpalatable crap for kids (Xanth), but it's pretty entertaining when he complains about not being taken seriously when he tries his hand at reality-based historical fantasy or blames his slide from the bestseller lists on the publishers just not printing enough of his books to go around.I dig a look behind the scenes, and this is a wonderful whine made of sour grapes. That's my homage to Piers Anthony -- an incredibly trite and hackneyed phrase tossed off as wit. What a hoot.

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