How to Be Funny on Purpose

ISBN: 0973754532
ISBN 13: 9780973754537
By: Edgar E. Willis

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About this book

For centuries illustrious thinkers have speculated about what inspires the beguiling and uplifting sound of laughter. With their ideas in mind, Edgar Willis takes an innovative and sometimes startling approach to the subject. Its key element is a precise and practical set of instructions for turning the momentary flicker of an idea into a full-fledged and funny joke. He provides further enrichment with lively discussions of such relevant topics as: good jokes and bad ones, the often hilarious consequences of unintended humor, and the perils of being funny. Richard L. Weaver II adds informed insights into using the Internet to find and develop jokes. The result is a book of extraordinary reach and dimension. The tone is erudite without being stuffy. He uses hundreds of jokes to illustrate techniques of jokemaking and shares anecdotes about his adventures and misadventures with humor.The probing analyses of humor's complexities will challenge your capacity to perceive and understand. The value of this book to aspiring humorists is obvious. It can also guide teachers, preachers, and public speakers into using humor to add zest and attention-holding power to their presentations. Most importantly it can amplify the response and sharpen the appreciation of people who relish hearing funny stories, and that includes almost everyone. They have laughed at jokes before, but having read this book, they will laugh louder, for now they will know why they are laughing.

Reader's Thoughts


Now I'm no longer funny on accident.

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