How to Become a Rainmaker

ISBN: 140130771X
ISBN 13: 9781401307714
By: Jeffrey J. Fox

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About this book

Filled with smart tips given in the Fox signature style, counter- intuitive, controversial, and practiced, this hard-hitting collection of sales advice shows readers how to woo, pursue, and finally win any customer. In witty, succinct chapters, Fox offers surprising, daring, and totally practical wisdom that will help readers rise above the competition in any company in any field. A terrific resource for CEOs, as well as anyone looking to distinguish themselves in salesbe it books, cars, or real estateHow to Become a Rainmaker offers the opportunity to rise above the competition in any company, in any field.

Reader's Thoughts

James Mchugh

love it....second ready years later and many nuggets I still need help with....

Darlene Hull

Wonderful book - quick read, highly practical, actionable suggestions for improving your ability to sell your product or service.

Karleton Helfer

This recommendation is based on having read dozens of books in this genre and taking thorough notes.This is a classic and reviews all the old school "must do's" in business.


Dozens of 'rules' that really do merit knowing and following. A very easy to read book with examples. Like "you're not at lunch to eat lunch" and "Customers don't care about you" and "Good manners count - a lot"


Nowadays we need to be rainmakers not only in marketing but also During our daily dealings . Rainmaker helped bring the aqua viva to the themselves and their society simply by being aware listener , be nice to his to anyone , always use good manners . If you aren't a salesman / saleswoman you need to be a rainmaker because indeed they hold the Highest value.. " Please read that book you will need it !!!"


Great quick read with applicable and realistic suggestions and advice that are applicable to both work and your personal life. I read it twice and took quick notes I will refer back to. Definitely made me think and reflect, which I really liked about it.

Earl Veale

My friend Peter S. recommended this book to me. I would like to help companies generate revenue through sales, and this book further inspired me to pursue the idea of media sales. I'll probably find myself re-reading this book from time-to-time.


This book discusses two major points of selling. First, preparing for the sale. Second, making the best use of time to sell.

Matt Green

read it some time ago so I need to re-read but it opens your eyes to the fact that being great at sales is something anyone can aspire to - this book talks you through how to start on that journey.A very readable style with a large number of short chapters.


GR was recommended by my director of sales on a conference call. On a whim, I purchased the book, and it unlocked many sales strategies that I employ in my every day work. I can easily attribute at least a handfull of large sales based on this book and can only ask sales professionals to read the book and understand "dollarized savings," ask for the business on every call, and the quantify the difference between cost and value (just a few key components of the book). Jeffrey Fox hit the nail on the head with GR and it is a must-read for any person involved in sales. Short chapters, easy to read, and critical for self-development.


For anyone who wants to know how to get it done and build a reputation at the "go-to" person, this is a must-read!

Sarah Stowe

A good starter book for those looking at how to finally start getting on track and making money with their business. Short chapters and an easy read for sure. It does sometimes paint the customer as a much colder individual which i didn't care for but it does make sense if u are in a more corporate setting. Not written necessarily for every business venture but you will still learn a thing or two.


This book offers a good basic overview of sales tactics, but it doesn't really give you anything new. Worth reading if you are just starting to understand sales, business, and etiquette but other wise not worth spending any money on. It is a quick read though, so if you can get your hands on a free copy, it's worth skimming through.

Hwswrites Relative

The author offers a great think tank for his readers. Jeffrey has a spark in his writing especially if you read his work while listening to it- classroom environment. As a legal thinker making her way during tough economical situations, this book is the right investment if you are looking to stand out. Of course, you will have to customize his guidelines to carefully fit your realm.


Very quick read - short chapters, pithy comments, and thus the lessons were memorable. I would recommend it as a quick course in how to "improve your game".

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