How to Build a Real Estate Empire: Wisdom from the Best in the Business

ISBN: 0977073300
ISBN 13: 9780977073306
By: John Hamilton Marcel Arsenault Ben Leeds

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About this book

This book contains the real estate investment histories of four highly successful individuals. Within this publication, the investors describe the paths they took that resulted in the creation of four separate, self-sustaining real estate empires. Self-sustaining means that the companies they started would continue to flourish without the day-to-day input of the founder. To fulfill such a qualification, the founder must have built a company consisting of a group of independent real estate entrepreneurs who are capable of managing and growing the business to the next level of success. The investors contributing to this book have achieved that goal.

Reader's Thoughts


The best book on commercial real estate investing I have read so far! The book starts out with 4 big commerical investors that made it out big. Then the book moves into strategies. Finally, the last section is dedicated to covering certain areas in commercial real estate, if you own. Awesome book.

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