How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People: Leadership in the Networked World

ISBN: 0957716540
ISBN 13: 9780957716544
By: Jonar C. Nader Gordon E. Jackson

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About this book

Jonar C. Nader is the anti-Dale Carnegie. Fed up with what he calls "inefficiency, inaccuracy, inconsistency, and untruths", he wrote How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People as an antidote to "winning friends", "seeking excellence", and all the other cliches that dominate -- and cripple -- the world of business leadership and personal achievement.Avoiding the anecdotes and celebrity profiles that mark many leadership books, this one offers the reader a combative new paradigm. In the three parts of the book, Nader helps readers develop their skills, work with others, and survive and prosper. This involves simple but often overlooked strategies such as standing firm, rejecting majority rule, watching out for "time thieves", valuing truth enough to speak out about it, and applying new concepts such as "mono-thought" and "swallowing your market whole". Nader's wit -- "Apart from sudden death, nature is generally fair" -- adds leavening to his insights.

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This is the loners Bible, I suggest all great thinkers to read it

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