How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

ISBN: 0809229897
ISBN 13: 9780809229895
By: Leil Lowndes

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About this book

In "How to Make Anyone Falling Love with You,"you'll explore precisely what will make someone take the tumble--what types of initial eye contact, clothing, body language, first conversations, and first dates ignite the sensation of love. You'll learn when to play hard to get (and when not to), how long you should wait to ask him or her out, and how to make an unforgettable first impression. In addition, the author will teach you how to discover and exude a sense of the deeper qualities the man or woman you have chosen longs for in a lifetime partner. Finally, she demonstrates the subtle techniques for discovering ( and fulfilling) your partner's sexual cravings.

Reader's Thoughts


Interesting book on human behavior. Although I don't agree with the title, it does give good tips on better understanding the other gender.

Muhannad S

This book may have some points or thoughts to consider, but love is never meant to be a bunch of techniques to study and practice!If you are searching for a book that teaches u have how to date, this book is what u need. so it's better to name it "how to get a date with everyone"

Bonny Albo

Read from a body language and behavioral standpoint, this book is a gem. Has helped me explain to numerous clients in simple, clear ways how to flirt, show interest, and why they're important on a date.

Melissa T

Must have worked, I married the reason I bought the book.

Zee Sayed

Er, well I thought this would be about interpersonal skills in general and although there are aspects of that, this book really is about getting "lucky." Not what I was looking for but at the very least it was an entertaining read and now I know how to avoid sending the wrong signals... and also which signals from the opposite sex can subconsciously influence me. Definitely useful, especially for those in business.


default answer: "how do you feel?"


most of it is common knowledge - from books of the "Women are from Venus Men are from Mars" type, but it's good to review these hopefully helpful concepts.

Ronald Clark

I am currently 80% through this book and it is killing me to go further and had to share my thoughts on this book. Simply, it is terrible and bad advice if you are reading this for the purpose of applying it to find a lover or spouse. The pros to this book is that there is a lot of research that has been put into citing studies and giving sources. That is about the only pro. The cons would be that I wouldn't really trust the validity of some of the studies mentioned in this book. An example of the latter would be in page 20 where the author cites the work of Dr. John Money and his book "Lovemaps" (whose work was widely known as severely flawed). I would also go so far as to say that this book is basically a bunch of medical, scientific and psychological studies/theories that have been put together into a book with the author having no real life experience in applying the methods mentioned. An example would be page 51 where the author states, "Leil, you hypocrite. Tomorrow morning you'll be telling women to have the courage to smile at strangers, and you don't even have the nerve to do it yourself."I will also state that from a man, a majority of information in this book aimed at females about men is just simply inaccurate and based from the authors personal opinion of what she thinks men think. I read portions of this book where I just shook my head and as a result of that I would be skeptical of the advice in this book aimed at men about women as well.For men I would highly recommend a book by Corey Wayne (ISBN # 978-1-4116-7336-6) as a more practical book on how to better yourself and become more appealing to women.PS: She also uses ridiculous synonyms throughout the book which I'm seeing as a repetitive trend in her books. She calls your love interest a "quarry" and uses it 498 times in the book. She also calls men "hunters" and women "hunteress". It just gets really old before the book is over.

Jared Fontaine

Great book. It opened my eyes to so many things I was doing wrong. I love the pupil control plan that she illustrates in the book. I am differently going to use this when I get back to DC to see who I can catch!

Rahmat Romadon

Some tricks are works, but many tricks here are not suitable in my country. I like how the way we appreciates our couple. Well at least, this book have explained that we can do many things to make our couple/wife/husband loves us.

Miss E.

I love this book. The part about making eye contact is so true. I actually noticed how nervous it makes me when someone stares me in the eyes. It was funny and informative and made me realize a lot about people.

Arlind Fazliu



Cute and it has some science to back it up.There are some good facts written which I found does apply with me!

Kaycee Looney

This book was a bit funny and frightening. What scares me is that people are out there actually following this advice! :-o I read it out of curiousity, I mean the title is intriguing. But it's full of manipulative advice on how to make someone "think" you like them and to get them to "feel" like they are in love with you. What I came away with is a knowledge of what to be aware of the next time I go out with someone. If they start going through the steps outlined in this book - RUN!!


Sure, it's as manipulative as it sounds, but there's some interesting studies and surveys in there-and reasonable conclusions about human behavior. If you can get to that part, it's great.

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