How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

ISBN: 0809229897
ISBN 13: 9780809229895
By: Leil Lowndes

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About this book

In "How to Make Anyone Falling Love with You,"you'll explore precisely what will make someone take the tumble--what types of initial eye contact, clothing, body language, first conversations, and first dates ignite the sensation of love. You'll learn when to play hard to get (and when not to), how long you should wait to ask him or her out, and how to make an unforgettable first impression. In addition, the author will teach you how to discover and exude a sense of the deeper qualities the man or woman you have chosen longs for in a lifetime partner. Finally, she demonstrates the subtle techniques for discovering ( and fulfilling) your partner's sexual cravings.

Reader's Thoughts

Zee Sayed

Er, well I thought this would be about interpersonal skills in general and although there are aspects of that, this book really is about getting "lucky." Not what I was looking for but at the very least it was an entertaining read and now I know how to avoid sending the wrong signals... and also which signals from the opposite sex can subconsciously influence me. Definitely useful, especially for those in business.

Bonny Albo

Read from a body language and behavioral standpoint, this book is a gem. Has helped me explain to numerous clients in simple, clear ways how to flirt, show interest, and why they're important on a date.


I can't decide if this book is really clever or really offensive. I love that a lot of actual research studies were consulted to come up with the advice (although I have no idea as to the credibility of those studies), but some of the sexually-oriented advice was just weird. Agreeing to think about sexing other women to get your man on side, knowing you have no intention of doing so and probably won't be asked to follow through? Um. This was treated as far less weird than your man potentially wanting to dress up in your clothes, which is at least emotionally harmless.


I liked this book, but it is a little technical. None of my friends that I suggested to read this book likes it, but I found it to be very useful and to bring up some truths about dating. I keep it on my bookshelf as a great reference. Let me know your comments if you read this.


most of it is common knowledge - from books of the "Women are from Venus Men are from Mars" type, but it's good to review these hopefully helpful concepts.


I have read this book really out of curiosity and it was funny and simple.


** spoiler alert ** very interesting, it provides you with the essentials of modern dating!


Interesting book on human behavior. Although I don't agree with the title, it does give good tips on better understanding the other gender.

Saqib Khan

Some interesting advice.


Sure, it's as manipulative as it sounds, but there's some interesting studies and surveys in there-and reasonable conclusions about human behavior. If you can get to that part, it's great.

Arlind Fazliu


Melissa T

Must have worked, I married the reason I bought the book.

Jennifer Edlund

This author is genius! Nearly everything she talks about in this self-help book she nails right on the head. I agreed with about 90 percent of her advice... mostly because we have the same views on relationships. She gives some great tips that I will be using in the future. I had to smile to myself when reading certain parts of this book because she was so dead on. I guess I would have to say that the sex part of the book was the only thing I was iffy on. Other than that, I would definitely read another book from this author.


This book is not so much about making someone fall in love with you as it is a toolbox for starting, building and maintaining relationships with potential love interests. It's the only book I've read on dating that gives concrete steps about how to interact with the opposite sex, as well as sound advice about how to find what the author calls "your matched opposite." The writing is clear and moves along at a pleasant conversational pace.


default answer: "how do you feel?"

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