How to Restore Your Motorcycle

ISBN: 0760306818
ISBN 13: 9780760306819
By: Mark Zimmerman Jeff Hackett

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About this book

Organized by major sub-assemblies like engines, frames, suspension, wheels and tires, brakes, and bodywork, the text and photo sequences featured here outline repair fundamentals and parts sources, and advise owners when to repair and when to replace. Care is taken to offer advice applicable to U.S., British, German, Italian, and Japanese bikes (the latter of which have previously gone largely ignored) in all four-stroke and classic two-stroke configuirations. An appendix features a resource list and bibliography. Mark Zimmerman, the technical editor of Old Bike Journal, has also written for American Iron and Classic Bike.

Reader's Thoughts


If you are into vintage bikes, this is a must. Tips, common pitfalls and advice are a'plenty. Gives a good overview of motorcycle components and the 'how to' aspect of restoration.

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