How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter

ISBN: 1400054184
ISBN 13: 9781400054183
By: Ann Coulter

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About this book

Welcome to the world of Ann Coulter. With her monumental bestsellers Treason, Slander, and High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Coulter has become the most recognized and talked-about conservative intellectual in years—and certainly the most controversial. Now, in How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), which is sure to ignite impassioned debate, she offers her most comprehensive analysis of the American political scene to date. With incisive reasoning, refreshing candor, and razor-sharp wit, she reveals just why liberals have got it so wrong.In this powerful and entertaining book, which draws on her weekly columns, Coulter ranges far and wide. No subject is off-limits, and no comment is left unsaid. After all, she writes, “Nothing too extreme can be said about liberals because it’s all true.” How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) offers Coulter’s unvarnished take on: •The essence of being a liberal: “The absolute conviction that there is one set of rules for you, and another, completely different set of rules for everyone else.”•John Kerry: “A reporter asked Kerry, ‘Are you for or against gay marriage?’ As usual, his answer was, ‘Yes.’ ”•Her 9/11 comments: “I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!”•The state of the Democratic Party: “Teddy Kennedy crawls out of Boston Harbor with a quart of Scotch in one pocket and a pair of pantyhose in the other, and Democrats hail him as their party’s spiritual leader.” •Her philosophy for arguing with liberals: “Tough love, except I don’t love them. My ‘tough love’ approach is much like the Democrats’ ‘middle-class tax cuts’—everything but the last word.”•The “Treason Lobby”: “Want to make liberals angry? Defend the United States.”In this full-on Coulterpalooza, you’ll find the real, uncensored Ann Coulter. A special concluding chapter even includes the pieces that squeamish editors refused to publish—“what you could have read if you lived in a free country,” says Coulter. How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) is a stunning reminder of why Ann Coulter’s commentary has achieved must-read status.

Reader's Thoughts


My son bought this for me as a joke-one day, out of books to read, I actually picked it up thinking it might not be a bad idea to be able to trash her and her books after having actually read one. I expected to be either seriously angry or laugh-out-loud at her outrageous lies. What I didn't expect was to be so BORED that I couldn't get past the first 20 pages or so. The woman's a one note instrument and only the most pathetically uninformed couldn't see through her lies and misrepresentations. I think her 15 minutes are over, but unfortunately, there's always a Glenn Beck to take her place...


A collection of columns from the craziest bitch on the planet. This is such whacked out over the top right wing mindpuke that it cannot help but be entertaining. And the best part is reading it years after the columns were originally published so you can see first hand how drop dead wrong Ann is on just about every issue. To hear her explain what a great decision it was to go into Iraq and how the war is going "swimmingly" is both hysterical and personally satisfying. The best part is the new chapters where she tries to defend her lunacy after the fact.Ann Coulter is the most evil, bitter, hateful conservative puppet there is. She is a truly disgusting person...But, yeah...I'd do her...

Delicious Strawberry

I consider myself moderate, and know decent conservatives who are truly concerned about the state of affairs our government is in and want what is best for people without being religious bible-thumpers or the like.Unfortunately, Ms. Coulter is not one of these sane conservatives. Some of the things that come out of her mouth just befuddle me. One thing that stuck in my mind is how she said that the best way to solve the problems in the Middle East is to force everyone there to convert to Christianity.... Really? Really? And yet this woman has plenty of followers who just love and agree with her. This is not the only wacky thing she says in this book... read this book as a joke to laugh at the things she says... or just shake your head in sadness that someone could believe such stupid and hateful things.


I saw this book on a library shelf and brought it home. I knew nothing about Ann Coulter, and I thought the book was something of a joke. You know, "Ha, ha, liberals are the worst people in the world. Now, seriously, getting down to business: let's discuss, in an academic and productive way, what makes a liberal tick." But no. It wasn't a joke. There was nothing productive about the book. She only used insults to appeal to the hatred inside people. I know someone else who used this tactic well.Ann Coulter should make Conservatives ashamed to claim her.I think Ann Coulter might be insane. If she's not, she's simply mean and spiteful and angry and ... wow. I just can't put into words the amount of pity I feel for a person as one-sided and mean as Ann Coulter. Get a therapist! Or is that too hippy liberal for you?

AJ Griffin

I hovered between giving this a "1 star" rating or a "5 star" rating; the moment of truth came when i let my cursor hover over the fifth star, at which point a little box informed me that five stars means "it was amazing."And I think we can all agree Ms. Coulter is somewhat amazing.I don't know why it is, but nothing stimulates my political tickle button like crazy right wing entertainers. Maybe it's some kind of ego thing, and I really just love Bill O'Reilley, Michael Savage, Coulter, etc. because they make me feel so gosh darn smart in comparison. Maybe I like horrifying my peers when I refuse to switch the station. I don't know.But isn't it fascinating to observe the folks at work? It's as if someone- either us or them- is missing a crucial part of the brain, and thus the two groups will never see anything in the same way. Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a faggot, and she's immediately praised by one sector and reviled by the other. Nobody has to spend a lot of time trying to decide whether he or she likes Ms. Coulter- you either do, or you don't. And you do so with a passion. The moral of the story? In a world where pretty much nothing is black and white, right or wrong, blah blah blah, Ann Coulter and her innate desire to bring back the word "pinko" give us something around which we can unite. And i hate to say it, but she's kind of hot- for a fag-hatin' Commie-slayin' warmongering wench.

Steph Stiles

Most people won't agree with everything Ann Coulter has to say. In fact, most people would probably like to set her on fire. I can't say I agree. I enjoy Ann's writing, and politics included, I enjoy her commentary. She's controversial, she says mean things. I like her.There is one article in here that wasn't printed in a women's journal, that I wish readers could disconnect from her political philosophy. The base of the argument was like attracts like, and if you think something is socially acceptable, you will flock toward others that feel the same. Ann was on a radio talk show and a caller was trying to say marital cheating happens everywhere, because she had been cheated on, and it's a common thing. Ann argues it is only common around cheaters, and that doesn't make it okay.


Ann Coulter is hilarious. She is absolutely side splittingly, rolling on the ground laughing, tears-to-my-eyes, hilarious. Sometimes she's even RIGHT.That last bit is far rarer than the rest, but who listens to political pundits because they're right? I only bother watching "news" now if it's John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Ann Coulter talking."How to Talk to a Liberal" has the best ratio of 'make me want to brain myself' to 'this stuff is hilarious'. If you've never read her, this is probably the one to start with. But only if you have thick skin. If you don't, you should probably pick it up for a different reason--consider it training. If you can get through a Coulter book and appreciate it for how funny it is, without getting caught up in how much absurdity there is, you'll be able to take just about anything.


Okay, this book is seriously funny! If you're a conservative, you'll laugh until you can't catch your breath! If you're a liberal, you'll probably set this book on fire and send hate mail to the author! Don't take this book too seriously. Many good points are made and she really nails the liberal thought process, which can be helpful in a heated debate but everything shoud be taken in moderation and "moderation" isn't one of her strong points! Just enjoy the ride and take some notes! :)

Michelle r

Coulter for President (after me of course). Kerri, don't cyber burn my books!! Whatev!! The woman says what she believes instead of beating around the politically correct bush. no one does that anymore, we're all too scared of offending someone. She is articulate and an amazing orator when you see her debate live. So even when I don't agree with some of her ideas, I am fascinated with her rhetoric.


I must get this off my chest before I proceed to review this book... I am not a liberal; nor am I a conservative. I have leanings that go both sides of the fence. Okay. That's done. Coulter's How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must) is a collection of her previously published works primarily dating from 1999-2004 in various newspapers and magazines across the country. And it is a vitriolic collection of her political perspective as it relates, primarily, to the war on terrorism among a few other topics. If there is one thing that can be said about Coulter, it's that she is a no-holds-barred woman. She doesn't care what feet she steps on nor what bridges she burns. She has her opinion and she is not afraid to share it. But are you brave enough to read it? That's the real question. And many of her attempted arguments start off rather intelligent and show just how smart a woman she really is. The keywords here being "attempted" and "start" as she always seems to ramble off into hateful, vindictive, and venomous diatribes against those who stand up for anything other than what she feels to be the right course of action. She is never willing to cede her point and remains on the offensive in support of her conservative viewpoint regardless of if there may be a preponderance of evidence against her claims. Aside from the fact that she never seems to reliably support her claims with fact, what annoyed me most was her abject willingness to make generalizations about liberals. Apparently, all liberals are exactly the same, all a bunch of thumbsuckers living off their parents' hard-earned cash. Of all the articles in the book, the most interesting to me were the few at the end that were rejected by various publications for whatever reason. One, to Cigar Aficionado, includes a paraphrased e-mail conversation between her and the editor about points she made in the article and how valid they are. I don't truly believe that the entire conversation was divulged, but it was interesting nonetheless. In another, actually dated back to 1991 (the one and only article to violate the timeframe of the book) is an anti-feminism rant in which she makes many of her infamous claims about how women shouldn't have some of the rights that they do. If you do read this, be prepared to feel your blood boil.

Katie Krumeich

Every time I read a positive review of this, or any one of Coulter's books, I start to cry. You think I'm kidding, don't you? I'm sure you think I'm just being glib. Let me assure you, I'm not being glib at all. Every time someone says that this hypocritical and bigoted idiot's points are 'sound,' or anything of the sort, I quite literally feel my eyes well up with tears, and am overcome with the urge to go back in time and bring Socrates or Cicero to America so he can argue down every flawed, holey argument she made.I'm not going to degenerate into capslock, though it's tempting, and I'm not going to go so far as to say this book should be burned, along with the two others I've read (both of which I just don't have the courage or stamina to review), but honestly: if you're going to go so far over to one side of any spectrum that an extremist who barely believes half the merde she spouts seems reasonable to you, even to the point that this proof of the existence of Socratic Irony seems intelligent, well-researched, or beautifully thought out, then...Do you know, I have no end to that statement. It floors me. It's like the people who are so liberal they become vegans and only clothe themselves in hemp - except a lot more people read her books than makes that analogy feasible.I'm just going to finish up this review (which is quickly becoming incoherent, I know) by saying that this book would make a logician cry; and not only that, but become so despondent at the state of humanity that he had no choice but to fling himself off something very high and onto something very hard. Please, for God's sake, this woman is nothing but a manipulator, and a terrible writer on top of that. Half the 'facts' in this must have been gotten off of Rush Limbaugh alone, because they have no basis in reality - or have been skewed to the point that, though real, their actual meaning has no basis in the meaning she assigns to them.


This classification extends to all of Ann Coulter's books. I just picked this one at random. She's the better looking and, thankfully, less powerful McCarthy of our times. Abrasive and paranoid.

Devin Wallace

Ann Coulter truly outdoes herself in this ridiculous screed against a spectre of an opponent. She fails to grasp even the most basic tenets of either conservatism or liberalism (even dating back to inception within 17th century Europe) and instead replaces true definitions with her own, which of course, are outlandish and nothing more than pure propaganda. In her eyes, a liberal is someone who hates America, hates God, and hates applie pie. If Ann Coulter was ready to have a proper debate without acting like a young child, as she often acts in debates and in her writing, it would be possible to read her books. Unfortunetely, that is not the case. Her continual use of hyperbole to the extent of incitement of felonies is particularly frightening. One must ask oneself if this type of dialogue is for the benefit of the nation, or simply Ms. Coulter's wallet.


Couldn't take it. I like to keep up with "the other side", but her writing doesn't add anything substantive to the debate. Her criticisms of liberals are just dripping with dehumanizing condescension. I may think some Republicans are naive or callous or sometimes even dumb, but I think they deserve respect as human beings. She doesn't and doesn't care if you know it. And if that's what you want to read? All power to you. And if you want to pick up her rhetorical style? I guess we have nothing more to say.


Sometimes I have to defend my choice of reading Ann Coulter to my liberal co-workers. I usually end up trying to cover myself (as if I was ashamed) by saying, "Well she's just really angry."Then I read the facts she presents and I join her in being angry.Ann Coulter is the queen of "I Told You So," and it isn't hard to see why. She pretty much nails every minute detail on the head in this book, presented in her usual fiery tone.Usually when I read Ann Coulter I learn a lot of facts that remind me why I'm a conservative with libertarian leanings. In this book, I found something way more interesting: the best arguments against drug legalization. They are sort of an interesting aside, presented as a sidebar near the end of the book. I found them very original and helpful when you are confronted by stereotypical arguments for drug legalization.The only thing about this book that I have to complain about is that it's dated now. It's still good though and I want to read more Ann Coulter.

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