HTML, XHTML, and CSS (Visual Quickstart Guide)

ISBN: 0321430840
ISBN 13: 9780321430847
By: Elizabeth Castro

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About this book

Need to learn HTML fast? This bestselling reference's visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have readers up and running in no time. Web expert and bestselling author Castro uses crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce all of today's HTML and XHTML essentials.

Reader's Thoughts


This book is very well organized and well-written. This book is essential for someone who is familiar with some HTML or CSS, but wants to learn more when required. The author takes a graceful systematic approach to presentation of HTML, XHTML and CSS concepts and commands. Each element is presented with step-by-step instructions, examples, and useful tips. I searched for a book that could serve as a reference and tutorial, and this one made the most sense to me. The section on the use of CSS to format pages for hand-held devices is useful because of the guidelines it presents. Recommended if you don't emply all XHTML or CSS techniques all the time, and need to be able to come back up to speed quickly.


Great starting point for anyone who wants a basic understanding of encoding HTML.


A computer book that's understandable. Hurrah! And full of invaluable info too.


Excellent resource, in addition to w3c ( and other online resources.


It's a technical book that reads like a normal book, so I wasn't bored and I actually learned something. Will wonders never cease?


I needed a few recipes and the content was good. I liked the examples and the website that gave access to the code that you could copy and paste. Good book.

Dave Huish


Peter Anderson

Its a bit old now...


Might as well add this book--the one I spend the most time with these days, sigh. As a n3rd novice it is quite helpful, illustrative.


was a little outdated. only used it for the quizzes, otherwise just searched around sites i knew for what i needed.

Jadetyger Sevea

This is the 5th edition of this book

Edna Lucia

Once upon a time, I was able to hand code HTML. This book is a good refresher/reference book if you need to polish those skills.

Jeff Noble

HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, Fifth Edition by Elizabeth Castro (?)


A little over a year ago, my job situation changed slightly as I moved from one capacity into that of the local website manager for our company. I wasn't in charge of any actual coding, just putting the Wordpress CMS to work and helping to build images and content for the site. I decided at some point that using Wordpress wasn't going to be good enough; I wanted to know how the gears worked. Under recommendation from a friend, I picked up a copy of "PHP 6 and MYSQL 5" by Larry Ulman and dug in. Then I realized I was going to need some HTML/CSS first, so I grabbed "HTML, XHTML, and CSS" by Elisabeth Castro. And dove into that one instead.As a relative newbie to web development via code, I thought the book did a great job of walking me through the basic concepts and giving me the syntax needed to make everything work. It explains the differences betweeen plain HTML and XHTML, the reasons for using the latter, and a good intro to CSS and it's benefits over the older forms of style markup.The problem I had with the book may just be chalked up to my learning style. While she printed plenty of examples and allowed you to download those examples from her site, that didn't really help me. I could have typed out every example, but then I'd be left with a jumble of random pages. In comparison, as I'm starting "PHP 6..." I've found the examples to be more instructional; they provide a good walkthrough and well labeled files that you build upon as you go through the book. I guess I would've rather the book walked me through building a basic site, so that when I reached the end, I had a large completed project I could look at and be proud, while having learned something at the same time.In regards to reference, I think it's great. I know I'm going to be coming back to it again and again as I track down a variety of HTML and CSS elements, or just need to use the large color board in the back. If you're after a good reference for HTML and CSS basics, check this book out. But if you're looking for something to help you build a basic site while learning to do so, or that helps you build something and pick it apart to see exactly why it works, this one might not be for you.

Neil Evridge

Not a bad book for learning basics and nice for visual learners.

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