HTML, XHTML, and CSS (Visual Quickstart Guide)

ISBN: 0321430840
ISBN 13: 9780321430847
By: Elizabeth Castro

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About this book

Need to learn HTML fast? This bestselling reference's visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have readers up and running in no time. Web expert and bestselling author Castro uses crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce all of today's HTML and XHTML essentials.

Reader's Thoughts


Let's see if I can learn a thing or two about programming!


This book is very well organized and well-written. This book is essential for someone who is familiar with some HTML or CSS, but wants to learn more when required. The author takes a graceful systematic approach to presentation of HTML, XHTML and CSS concepts and commands. Each element is presented with step-by-step instructions, examples, and useful tips. I searched for a book that could serve as a reference and tutorial, and this one made the most sense to me. The section on the use of CSS to format pages for hand-held devices is useful because of the guidelines it presents. Recommended if you don't emply all XHTML or CSS techniques all the time, and need to be able to come back up to speed quickly.

Neil Evridge

Not a bad book for learning basics and nice for visual learners.


Great starting point for anyone who wants a basic understanding of encoding HTML.


Great for beginners! Learned a lot in a short time. Great for skimming and has online support! awesome find! :o)


This was the textbook for a class on HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript that I'm finishing up. The book did a good job of serving that purpose for me. Each topic covered is broken down into only a couple of pages with illustrated examples on every page so it is easy to read about what you want efficiently. Also, the website that supplements the book and contains code for all of the examples in the book was very useful.I borrowed this book from the public library for use during the class and to see if I thought it was worth buying for future use. While it was good for learning new stuff (especially with the online examples), I probably won't buy a copy. It is not bad for reference purposes, but I've found the online resource at better for that as W3Schools is more complete. To be fair to the book, I assume Castro did not intended it to be as complete as a reference book/site would be at the risk of confusing a reader who is new to the material. However, now that I am not new to the material, I prefer a more complete reference.

Peter Anderson

Its a bit old now...


Excellent resource, in addition to w3c ( and other online resources.


Textbook for class. Very nice, lots of great visuals, step by step instructions for markup.

Michele White

Good resource for getting you started coding in HTML, XHTML and CSS. We used it to teach ourselves enough code to manage our organization's website and HTML mailings and it did the trick. We now keep it to refresh our memories or help us troubleshoot when issues arise.


didn't read the whole thing, but a really helpful book. have used it as a reference many times.

Dave Huish


Adam Eivy

The book does have some valuable and relevant information but it is hiding behind a lot of cruft, archaic information and bad code examples from other languages.When I started teaching Web Authoring II at Seattle Central Community College, the previous instructor had setup the class to use this book. I instead switched to CSS Mastery for required reading.


It's a technical book that reads like a normal book, so I wasn't bored and I actually learned something. Will wonders never cease?


Might as well add this book--the one I spend the most time with these days, sigh. As a n3rd novice it is quite helpful, illustrative.

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