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About this book

Hurricane Bob is coming, and there's no time to waste in this thrilling depiction of nature's fury! As her parents rush to prepare for the worst, one young girl on Cape Cod stops to look around. She notices the sea and sky turning the same color gray; the wind howling louder and blowing stronger; her dog Pepper circling his mat. As the storm picks up, so does the tension. Young readers will enjoy the suspense of preparing for a hurricane. They will also sigh with relief once it's over. Vivid watercolors reveal the intensity of the storm while capturing, in their quieter moments, the essence of Cape Cod landscapes and seascapes.

Reader's Thoughts


Critique- Picture BookThe story of a young girl and her family as they prepare for and weather a hurricane. A.) There was one area of the book that I felt was slightly inaccurate. B/C.) During the storm the eye of the storm passes over the families home, and the father explains that this will last only a few minutes. However, the family decides to head outside during this time and has to “dart back inside the house” as the eye passes. This seems like something that should have been explained better since it could lead to some confusion about the safety of individuals who attempt to go outside during any part of a storm. There is a lot of other wonderful information to help young readers understand these scary storms.This book has more words than your average picture book and may be a little too dense for anyone below PK (K-3rd Grade). This would be great for a lesson on weather, storms, and in preparing students for hurricanes.

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