I Am Not Crazy

ISBN: 0882821032
ISBN 13: 9780882821030
By: Frances Dietrick Frances Dietrick

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Feeling physically sick and mentally depressed because of her broken engagement, Frances Deitrick decides to confront her ex-fiance. On her way to his house, she is involved in an automobile accident. Dazed and incoherent, she is taken to a local hospital. There, the doctors judge Frances emotionally ill and she is thrown into the psychiatric ward. Twice, she fights for and gains her release, only to be returned to the horrors of a modern day snake pit.Vainly, she tries to convince those around her that she is not insane. She is not believed. Against her will, she must submit to the horrors of confinement, strip searches and physical abuse. Only during her last hospital confinement are an E.E.G. and M.R.I., the necessary medial test, finally done. These indicate that there is a physical reason for her symptoms - a rare brain tumor.In her courageous fight back to normalcy and freedom, Frances' hazardous medical treatment comprises still another obstacle course in her attempt to rejoin society. Her ultimate recovery stands as a incentive to those who struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds to win their lives back from chaos.

Reader's Thoughts


WOW. This book had me shaking my head in disbelief. This poor woman went thru hell because she was misdiagnosed. She was committed into a psychiatric hospital, when she should have admitted into a hospital to have the tumor in her brain removed!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

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