I Am: The Unveiling of God

ISBN: 1590528123
ISBN 13: 9781590528129
By: Steve Fry Jack Hayford

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About this book

I Am: The Unveiling of God is a breath of fresh air in the devotional literature market. Taken from true stories, these forty honest, wonderfully crafted insights will allow the reader to gaze upon the inexpressible beauty of God while discovering a personal connection to a God who desires to be our all in all. Each essay in turn explores a different facet of God and how it plays into our relationship with Him. Bite-sized chapters end with a candid prayer followed by questions to spur further meditation on an attribute of God. I Am is a rare gem that deserves to be on every reader's bookshelf.

Reader's Thoughts


Favorite devotional book of all time.


A simple devotion book, based mainly on the attributes of God. (I would say there are a handful of better books on God's attributes, if you are looking for one I would go with: Knowing God, The Pleasures of God or The Attributes of God.)

Pam newsome

"I want your face to be my focal point"The more we get to know God, the more we hunger for Him


This book helped me to better understand both the purpose for my life, and the amazing character of God.

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