I Spy A Runaway Robot

ISBN: 0439443180
ISBN 13: 9780439443180
By: J. Elizabeth Mills Jimmy Levin

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About this book

Spyler and CeCe are the stars of the new I Spy TV show! This 8x8 TV tie-in book has both a fun story and an exciting I Spy game!Meet Spyler and CeCe. They love to play I spy!In this story, they want to build a robot to clean up their room. It's time to play I spy!I spy a tin can, a light bulb for a head,two googly eyes, and a button that's red!However, Spyler and CeCe are in for quite a surprise--their robot, Clankenspy, goes way too fast! So CeCe slows Clankenspy down. Spyler and CeCe clean up after their robot, cleaning their room in the process. And the very nice robot makes them tea and cookies.

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