Ice Station

ISBN: 3548250459
ISBN 13: 9783548250458
By: Matthew Reilly

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Reader's Thoughts

Patrick Gibson

I hesitate to put this on the library shelf after struggling to finish another one of the author’s witless action yarns ‘Seven Deadly Wonders.’ But my favorite flea market bookshop had a shitload of Reilly’s books and while admiring the artistic style with which they were stacked like iambic columns (I know, there is no such thing—but if there is Doric then why not Iambic? In my world there would certainly be a few) I had a wild hair thought, ‘maybe they all aren’t as bad as I think.’ And damn, if I didn’t just fritter away another dollar to the Scottish shop owner who has an accent thicker than binding glue. She often makes book recommendations to me. I stare at her with my mouth open and then just nod my head, like I understand.Not everything I hated about ‘Seven Deadly Wonders’ reared its ugly presence in ‘Ice Station.’ Oh, wait a minute. Yes, it did. Although ‘Ice Station’ actually has an idea at its core, which the author abandons for hundreds of pages at a time, he never seems to want to develop it. What starts out as an intriguing, sort of, mystery, quickly digresses into one preposterous action sequence after another. Damn, I want my dollar back. Reading this endless stream of high speed progressions is like playing a 33 1/3 album on 78. What is supposed to be a breathless page turner, in fact, is laughable for its pure superciliousness. Geez, I like that word.I’m guessing Matt Reilly got a C minus in Clive Cussler 101 because he forgot that a story can be as exciting as a barreling hundred-car freight train full chaotic fight scenes and ludicrous cliff hangers resolved with preposterous conclusions.I like Souza marches. But I can’t listen to three hours of them at a time. That’s what I felt like was happening while reading ‘Ice Station.’ Why did I finish? Why do we keep watching Shark Week every summer when we have seen all the episodes before? Right. We keep hoping for a miraculous change and that it will actually get better. Never happens does it?When I finally learn Scottish I will inform Book Stall Lady to never sell another Matt Reilly book to me ever again. Unless it’s marked down to 75 cents.

Riju Ganguly

People talking fondly about the writers of the golden era Science Fiction (1940-s & 1950-s) often state that their single biggest skill was to make people willfully suspend disbelief. If you are looking for something in the similar vein, this is THE book for you. It has everything: alien artifact being "discovered" buried under the ice in Antarctica, mysterious & shockingly violent death of the discoverers with very little to know about what is/are killing them, an overt mission to retrieve the artifact and to save the people in the station, several covert missions trying to possess the artifact by carrying out commando operations, betrayal, adventure, death-defying bravado, a scarred (literally) hero and his team of golden-hearten warriors, science & pseudo-science getting mixed so often that a professor of physics (or biology) might simply go insane, and a huge (invisible) tag of "Film Me!" attached to everything..... Believe me, after you have finished this book, you might have a migraine, or you may just keep sitting/standing with your mouth open, with that "WHOA...." expression, but you would not be able to ignore another Matthew Reilly novel henceforth, especially if it has his hero (SCARECROW) in it. Recommended, with "for best possible results: suspend disbelief".


This is perhaps the single most ridiculously over-the-top book I've ever read. This is a story in which the author has modern special forces armed with magneto-grappling-hooks and crossbows. Crossbows! Seriously? The cool thing about (early) Tom Clancy was that it was so plausible. The earnest, macho tone of Clancy's stories fit the grim Cold War setting really well. Now you have a generation of writers writing in that same earnest, macho tone about people having high-speed hovercraft battles, shooting crossbows at each other, and getting eaten by killer whales! How can you take yourself seriously when you're writing this crap?!Still, you've got to grudgingly admire any book that manages to be louder, dumber, faster, and more X-treme than even the worst (in a so-bad-it's-good sense) action films you've ever seen. 100 pages into Ice Station and I was hooked. This book really captures the fun of the great/awful action films of the 80s - back when Arnold was terminating rather than governating. And who doesn't love those movies? This book fails to reach the same artistic heights at "The Running Man", "Commando", etc., but it's still a damn good time.

Jill Smith

Ice Station is a fast, often breath taking and action filled story. Just when I found myself believing I could tell where the tale would lead, another dramatic twist would leap out and grab me by the throat. It is a very hard book to put down.The characters are layers and their loyalties and allegiances demonstrate the nature of the military beast. The masculine undertones of the good guys fighting the bad guys, Cowboy and Indian style is muddled when some of the good guys show their hands as mercenaries patriotically defending the 'national security' at the cost of their own military personal.So detailed are the battles that it's hard not to blanch when a grenade is thrown into the midst of the characters. Matthew Reilly has clearly done some heavy research and maybe some imaginary future developing of military weapons and organizations. This all gives credence to the incredible scenario played out at Wilkes Station in the Antarctic.The main character 'Scarecrow' Shane Schofield seems like an updated James Bond eluding death with alarming regularity. He is a Lieutenant in the United States Marines, simply trained to secure and rescue hapless civilians who might have discovered something at their research station that they shouldn't. Indiana Jones would marvel at the ingenuity and tenaciousness of this character. Throughout the book Matthew Reilly pulls all the complexities of close combat situations together with goals set and obstacles to be overcome to achieve the final solution. The spine tingling thought that such under cover operations in the name of 'national security' could be keeping a apathetic public blind was numbing.The cover of this book says it all - 'Strap yourself in for the Ride - what follows is action, action and more action. For anyone who's looking for a dose of something different try this great read. Perhaps we aspiring writers can take heart at this youthful and bold approach to writing and becoming a success.


Man, talk about junk. Not only does it use ignorance to pretend to be Sci-fi, it's HORRIBLY written. In one memorable chapter beginning, he starts three of four consecutive paragraphs with the name "Holmes", and the only reason it's not all four is because the second par of the four starts "George Holmes".Garbage.


Six stars out of five I think. My favourite Matthew Reilly novel and my first. I highly recommend it. The pace just never stops. People die in the sentence they're introduced. There's killer whales, mutant radioactive seals and Reilly disses Australians. Bloody good.

Conor Lyons

This book was the type where you can honest not put it down, i found my self on numerous occasions racing this book for hours on end. Written by a former student of St Aloysius, this book was very exciting and always a had a sudden twist around the corner. For the first 100 pages there was action, but as i continued into the later stages of the book it was non stop action, which for many people might be a bit overwhelming but personally i loved it. The characters such as Scofield was excellent he was a traditional hero character, un trusting and in difficult situations he always pulled through. Other characters such as "Book" were very good he was a side kick for Scofield always offering a hand when completing tasks. The way the book was written there where two scenarios going on. The Americans on the ice station, then a reporter going around to different houses interviewing people. during the book i wasn't really interested in the interviewed but by the end i realised that these were curial because they give away certain twists in the book if you pay enough close attention. Personally this was a great book for me, i would recommend it to any teenager.


This was the first Matthew Reilly book released and which I read and I really enjoyed it.I have never read this genre of book before but I thought it sounded interesting so I gave it a go. I don't think you have to be an idiot to enjoy it as some would say, (obviously I'm not going to say I'm an Idiot. Duh!)Just suspend your belief and don't expect a literary masterpiece.Just have a good time.Fast paced action,shocks and twists. I enjoyed it and so I went on to read further stories Matthew has written,although I have to say the Shane Schofield series are my favourite.

Shin Chen

This is a highly action packed book by Matthew Reilly that is the beginning to one of his series. It talks about a team of US Marines sent to help scientists in an ice station in Antarctica when all hell breaks loose on the island. This is a great book for people who like lots of action, adventure or thrillers.


Non-stop action thriller with some sci-fi elements. Definitely a page turner. On the other hand, the action is so fast that you basically have no time to properly delve into the characters. And some of the stunts that Schofield pulls are humanly impossible. But it really is suspense pure, from fist-fights to nuclear bombs - you name it, the book definitely has got it. Also, I got some Stargate Atlantis flashbacks: Schofield and Renshaw kind of remind me of Sheppard and McKay.


This is a fantastic thriller -- not the world's deepest characterization, but the book is a rollercoaster of unexpected events, double-crosses, tense action sequences, ORCAS!, military/spy themes, and the promise of something mysterious hidden below the ice, which more than one government would kill to possess."Ice Station" and "Temple" are my two favorite Matthew Reilly books, mostly because they're nonstop fun/adventure/action, with a little bit of mystery and bizarre elements added in for spice.I don't care for strictly spy- or military-themed novels, but the inclusion of supernatural, alien, or cryptid elements is what keeps Matthew Reilly's books fresh and engaging. You never know what's going to happen next, and the nice thing is that at least these two stay excellent upon multiple re-reads :)


Should finish more books before starting new ones. Oh well, my mistake.Fast paced, very interesting page-turner. Warning: has no real chapters, that makes it hard to stop. As some scenes are very long, like the fight scene between the two elite-units this could lead to reading this in one sleepless night, so beware - it is too long for that, per the Kindle-display of left reading time, I think it was just over 10 hours after it has adjusted to my reading speed. And it feels that way.So far this reminds me of some authors I read a lot during my teens, like Alistair MacLean and Colin Forbes.But is up-to-date with the tech described.The fight-scenes are great, but they dominate the book, more or less non-stop-action and if I take a step back to see the big picture, there are too many fight-scenes, too long and while the body-count is very high, some lucky safes-escapes are too unbelievable.The discovery, the reason for the fight scenes and the background, would so far fit on 20-30 pages. The book is long, and could have done with less fight scenes, and longer and more meat to the discovery.So, now having finished it, a solid 3. Not too bad, if it had been shorter and/or less fight scenes, it would have got a 3.5, meaning it could be rounded to 4 stars depending on my mood. Recommended as fast paced guilty pleasure, and I might check out the next books. The hero is better than the brutal torturer Scot Harvath in Brad Thor's series, although I will read more of that one, as I want to see how far Thor pushes the envelope.


Atención James Bonds, Ethan Hunts, Chuck Norrises, Rambos y MacGyvers ha llegado el nuevo héroe: Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield!!! sois todos unas abuelitas a su lado, ja! Qué bien lo he pasado leyendo este libro, adrenalina a tope, acción en cada párrafo, apenas he tenido tiempo para respirar. Que la acción es rocambolesca, descabellada, increíble, imposible y poco realista?? pues tal vez sí, pero está tan bien contado y explicado que yo no he parado un segundo en pensar si los hechos se sostenían o no. Por suerte no sé nada de armas, aviones, bombas, detonadores, estaciones en el Polo Sur, etc. Mi ignorancia, respecto a tecnicismos militares, me ha hecho disfrutar en cada línea de una historia de acción trepidante, más parecida a una película que a una novela. Un libro de verdad "unputdownable"


I started reading this book! And then...I put it down!And then -- I. Picked. It. Back. Up.Again.Just to see how it ended!!!!I couldn't actually finish the book. Gave up on page 500. The beginning was great, but things rapidly dissolved into stupidity. This calls for more than suspension of disbelief. Maybe a pre-frontal lobotomy. Or maybe a time machine. I could travel back in time and give this book to my 14-year-old self, who would probably enjoy it. Though a pre-frontal lobotomy might still be necessary.Give credit where credit is due, though: in the stupid action book category, Reilly is right up there on top. He's got the mojo. There is no other way to explain 3 million books sold and a 4-star rating, although this type of success is a mystery of the same caliber as crossbow-wielding commandos, US marines shooting grappling hooks at everything that moves, and a guy who gets eye replacement surgery after having his peepers sliced in half during a razorblade torture session.My favorite part was when the hero falls off a cliff, swims through 40-foot frigid artic waves--I believe at some point he's pummeled into a cliff by them--and then somehow manages to blow up a nuclear submarine with some high explosives he had in his back pocket.Oh yeah, sorry, that was a spoiler. But believe me, the plot is not the selling point of this book, so I didn't really ruin anything.

Jason Sta. Maria

A great debut for Shane Schofield. It was an amazing read! Shane Schofield's character was unique and full of luck, hehe! He should say "Give me a break Matt Reilly!" I really agree that those secret military organizations do exist. But I was so confused about the behavior of those Antarctic Killer Whales! This is the very second time that I've heard/read about Killer Whales attack (after watching Orca The Killer Whale), kill and eat Humans, its kinda weird! Now I want to read the Manga version of this book. But overall its an extremely total non-stop action!

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