Ice Station

ISBN: 3548250459
ISBN 13: 9783548250458
By: Matthew Reilly

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first of all, thanks to my friend for her recommendation..indeed, she was talking a lot of good stuff about this book and i had to stop her from saying anything further cause she almost give the spoiler!finished this book in one and a half day, i've totally fallen in love with Scarecrow!!lolXD

Jack Kirby and the X-man

An action-packed rollercoaster ride. You'll certainly need to turn off your sense of disbelief to enjoy this one.I felt that Matthew Reilly as an Australian author is continuing the grand Australian tradition of cultural cringe. I'm happy for him to make the US the hero and the French and Brits the enemy. But constant little reminders of Australia through the book made me feel the author would dearly have loved to be able to make the Australians the stars of the show. I suppose the main practical irritation was that it meant US Customary units of measurement were used throughout the book - the constant conversion from feet to meters grated. (Only the US, Nigeria and Burma don't officially use the metric system!) Beyond this little niggle sit back and let the action wash over you - you'll fly through 500+ pages in no time.

Rory Eggleston

Okay, first things first: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. Not that there's much plot to give away.Well, I saw this book on the library shelf the other day and picked it up. I'd been feeling like some brainless action for a few days, and this seemed to fit the bill, so I happily sat down and started reading. And, at first, it was great stuff. Not in any cerebral sense, of course, but entertaining enough. I mean, come on: Antarctic research stations, mysterious metal things buried in 400 million year old was addictive!But then, about two hundred pages in, I began to have misgivings. I guess, in retrospect, I should have seen it from the very beginning, when characters are worried because of a nearby pod of orcas (in the book, only referred to as killer whales) might attack some divers. And then said pod of whales sinisterly appears and start attacking and devouring humans. That's when suspension of disbelief broke down. Because here's the thing: in all of recorded human history, orcas have only attacked humans on five or six occasions, none of which resulted in death. There have been captive attacks, but that's not the point. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN, which Mr. Reilly would know if he'd bothered doing even a little bit of research. And the list goes on: French special ops attacking everyone with...crossbows? American special ops retaliating with...grappling hooks? A massive flurocarbon leak which makes the air extremely flammable, but also doesn't suffocate anyone. A kid who's been at the ice station for all of a week and already has a pet seal? People without pressure suits surviving below 1000 feet in Antarctic waters? And, of course, super massive, radiation-mutated elephant seals, which, for some reason, live in the center of an ice shelf. I could go on, but there wouldn't be a point. Now, I realize that this book was in no way intended to be great literature, but merely a fun action romp, but there is suspension of disbelief, and then there is suspension of disbelief which requires a full lobotomy for one to enjoy the effects. Reality seems to have completely flown the coop in this one, and it is difficult to stick with it because of this. I guess I'd suggest it for a long airplane trip, when you have nothing better to do.


This is perhaps the single most ridiculously over-the-top book I've ever read. This is a story in which the author has modern special forces armed with magneto-grappling-hooks and crossbows. Crossbows! Seriously? The cool thing about (early) Tom Clancy was that it was so plausible. The earnest, macho tone of Clancy's stories fit the grim Cold War setting really well. Now you have a generation of writers writing in that same earnest, macho tone about people having high-speed hovercraft battles, shooting crossbows at each other, and getting eaten by killer whales! How can you take yourself seriously when you're writing this crap?!Still, you've got to grudgingly admire any book that manages to be louder, dumber, faster, and more X-treme than even the worst (in a so-bad-it's-good sense) action films you've ever seen. 100 pages into Ice Station and I was hooked. This book really captures the fun of the great/awful action films of the 80s - back when Arnold was terminating rather than governating. And who doesn't love those movies? This book fails to reach the same artistic heights at "The Running Man", "Commando", etc., but it's still a damn good time.


This was the first Matthew Reilly book released and which I read and I really enjoyed it.I have never read this genre of book before but I thought it sounded interesting so I gave it a go. I don't think you have to be an idiot to enjoy it as some would say, (obviously I'm not going to say I'm an Idiot. Duh!)Just suspend your belief and don't expect a literary masterpiece.Just have a good time.Fast paced action,shocks and twists. I enjoyed it and so I went on to read further stories Matthew has written,although I have to say the Shane Schofield series are my favourite.


I learned many things from this book, namely various types of handgrenades and their yields, about the true nature of killer whales, about the horrible unstability of real estate on Antartica and (my fav) how to evade and disble opponents hunting for me with night-vision googles on. Nope it wasn't the most prolific book I've ever read, but it was damn near the most action-packed. Now a self-professed lover of Matt Reilly and his 'nothing is impossible' scenarios, I have come to embrass Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield as the baddest badass on Earth. I mean McGuyver, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, James Bond and Lara Croft COMBINED could beat this guy. While I enjoyed learning heaps (of probably untrue) background on the many special ops units of the world, and the conspiracy theory (maybe not) of infiltrators in general, I won't say that that this was anything but what it sets out to be...A KICK ASS Action Thriller that will have your heart racing at 60+ mph!!


3.5 STARS I honestly don't remember when I read this book, but I did read it; or, rather, I listened to the audiobook. All I really recall about the novel is that it was action packed and there were killer (I think) whales in it. The action was more than a bit overdone though - to the point that it grew tiresome after awhile. Still, an OK read. Or, listen. :p


The first in the series about Marine Lieutenant Shane M. Schofield, call-sign Scarecrow. I read Scarecrow a few months ago and loved it from the start, so I was curious as to what the start of the series was like.Let me tell you, it was as good as the third book in the series. It pulls the reader in and it doesn't spit him/her out until the very end. Engrossing, gripping, action-packed, sometimes you'll even need some suspension of disbelief, let me tell you, but I absolutely enjoyed the ride.The action was wonderful, the suspense gripping, the plot flowed effortlessly, the characters were great (I still love 'Mother' best), the mystery kept on, the intrigue was thrilling...It kept me guessing and at the edge of my seat for the entire duration.Loved it from beginning to end and I can't wait to start the second book.

Henry Avila

Antarctica,Wilkes Ice Station, two U.S. scientists surface in an ice cave, 3000 feet below sea level,their last moments breathing.Other divers are sent and are never heard from again.The American Marines arrive, amist rumors of an alien spaceship found.Lieutenant Shane Schofield Recon Unit Commander,(nickname Scarecrow)has one great attribute.He never gives up.Schofield will need all that determination to survive.Technological supremecy is the big prize and no one has any friends.With a dozen men and women, Shane has to defend the ICE STATION AGAINST ALL THE ATTACKERS. So called allies, become deadly enemies.Even his own men can't be trusted.With solar flares causing a communication blackout,Scarecrow will get no help.After the marines defeat "friendly nations" soldiers,Shane needs to get to the cave.Killer Whales or no Killer Whales swimming around,he has a job to do...Back in the U.S. Washington Post reporters get a tip from Andrew Trent, a U.S.Marine hiding in New Mexico. About a secret military group that even kills its own people, in order to preserve American superiority in the world.Scarecrow with the assistance of Wendy, an Antarctic seal(the kind with flippers) gets what's left of his friends to the cavern.With the diving bell destroyed, there is no way out.But that's not the immediate problem . Strange new sea creatures also are inhabiting that space under the sea. Both kinds of animals can't live in the same area.Something has to give!Another difficulity, well two, bombs are about to go off on top and a nuclear missile is racing in the air and getting closer and closer to the ice station. Scarecrow better think of something quick.

Jane Stewart

Too many scenes were interrupted which made me mad, reduced my enjoyment.STORY BRIEF:U.S. researchers in Antarctica discover something buried in an ice cave. They believe it is an alien spaceship. Divers were killed while looking at it. They don’t know why. They send out a distress signal. Other countries hear the call and want the spaceship. So they send military groups to fight for it. Lieutenant Schofield is the first to arrive with a group of marines. His goal is to protect the researchers and the discovery. An enemy military group soon arrives with better weapons and more men. Their intent is to kill everyone.The most frequently used weapon is Schofield’s mag gun. It shoots a grappling hook and a magnetic end with a long cable attached. The author used this gun in many different and creative ways.Some good guys are killed, but it has a happy ending for other good guys.OPINION:This feels like 50 scenes of pulse-pounding action, fast and furious fighting. It was crisis after crisis even at the end. A lot of them were imaginative. This should appeal to video game lovers (those of them who like to read). In many scenes Schofield is about to be killed, but he finds some little thing or something unexpected which gets him out of it. It reminded me of MacGiver.This was exciting, but I don’t want to read any more. I want more than chase, defend, attack. I want characters and other things. I prefer the Jack Reacher books over this.INTERRUPTING SCENES:This author did something that made me so mad and too many times. It’s a cheap trick/device. He interrupts scenes at the moment of realization or crisis - at the worst time for the reader. He doesn’t need to do that. This is already nonstop suspense. Here’s an example. A is wounded and in a hospital bed. B enters the room with a knife planning to kill A. A secretly switches on a microphone. Scene switches to C on another floor talking to a guy. Scene switches back to B smashing the microphone. Scene switches to C, still talking. Scene switches to A who is bloody but won the fight with B. The A scene was split into three pieces, and it was a short scene. (As an aside we missed the best part - how did wounded A win the fight with B?)Here’s another example, Schofield finds a transmitter and wonders what it’s for. Then all of a sudden he realizes the answer. But the scene switches to something else without telling the reader what he realized.If the author had not used these tricks I would have given the book more stars. But I cannot like something when I’m frustrated and mad over and over again.SUSPENDING DISBELIEF:I don’t mind suspending disbelief - for fun. And you need to do that A LOT. But there was one thing that really bothered me and I really needed an explanation. Large elephant seals are eating humans. A bad guy injures A and throws him into the ocean. So why does an elephant seal grab A in the water, put him back on the deck, and then leave? He saved A’s life. I’d be willing to accept this if you give me an explanation. Did he like A’s smell or something? What?Spoiler answers the question: Are aliens in this story?(view spoiler)[All the fighting and suspense is among the various military groups. There are no aliens in this story.(hide spoiler)]NARRATOR:He was very good except for his accent on two words - on almost every page. It was distracting. Most of the characters are Americans, and they don’t talk like that. He said “been” (like it rhymes with green) and “again” (like the word “gain”). I’m not sure what his accent is but it doesn’t sound like U.S. marines. It was unsettling. I think the narrator should have changed his pronunciation just for those two words.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 15 hrs and 19 mins. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual content: none. Setting: current day Antarctica and U.S. Book copyright: 1999. Genre: action suspense.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>


I started reading this book! And then...I put it down!And then -- I. Picked. It. Back. Up.Again.Just to see how it ended!!!!I couldn't actually finish the book. Gave up on page 500. The beginning was great, but things rapidly dissolved into stupidity. This calls for more than suspension of disbelief. Maybe a pre-frontal lobotomy. Or maybe a time machine. I could travel back in time and give this book to my 14-year-old self, who would probably enjoy it. Though a pre-frontal lobotomy might still be necessary.Give credit where credit is due, though: in the stupid action book category, Reilly is right up there on top. He's got the mojo. There is no other way to explain 3 million books sold and a 4-star rating, although this type of success is a mystery of the same caliber as crossbow-wielding commandos, US marines shooting grappling hooks at everything that moves, and a guy who gets eye replacement surgery after having his peepers sliced in half during a razorblade torture session.My favorite part was when the hero falls off a cliff, swims through 40-foot frigid artic waves--I believe at some point he's pummeled into a cliff by them--and then somehow manages to blow up a nuclear submarine with some high explosives he had in his back pocket.Oh yeah, sorry, that was a spoiler. But believe me, the plot is not the selling point of this book, so I didn't really ruin anything.

Riju Ganguly

People talking fondly about the writers of the golden era Science Fiction (1940-s & 1950-s) often state that their single biggest skill was to make people willfully suspend disbelief. If you are looking for something in the similar vein, this is THE book for you. It has everything: alien artifact being "discovered" buried under the ice in Antarctica, mysterious & shockingly violent death of the discoverers with very little to know about what is/are killing them, an overt mission to retrieve the artifact and to save the people in the station, several covert missions trying to possess the artifact by carrying out commando operations, betrayal, adventure, death-defying bravado, a scarred (literally) hero and his team of golden-hearten warriors, science & pseudo-science getting mixed so often that a professor of physics (or biology) might simply go insane, and a huge (invisible) tag of "Film Me!" attached to everything..... Believe me, after you have finished this book, you might have a migraine, or you may just keep sitting/standing with your mouth open, with that "WHOA...." expression, but you would not be able to ignore another Matthew Reilly novel henceforth, especially if it has his hero (SCARECROW) in it. Recommended, with "for best possible results: suspend disbelief".


Non-stop action thriller with some sci-fi elements. Definitely a page turner. On the other hand, the action is so fast that you basically have no time to properly delve into the characters. And some of the stunts that Schofield pulls are humanly impossible. But it really is suspense pure, from fist-fights to nuclear bombs - you name it, the book definitely has got it. Also, I got some Stargate Atlantis flashbacks: Schofield and Renshaw kind of remind me of Sheppard and McKay.

Dirk Grobbelaar

Killer Whales? Seriously? Even in a society desensitized by the escapades of James Bond, this kind of thing seems rather excessive in an action thriller, although I must say the scenes in question were pretty scary in a “Jaws” kind of way. Oh, and of course, giant seals. Par for the course in this kind of fiction, eh? The book’s pacing is frenetic, which helps, since all the “not so good” bits flash by so fast that you almost don’t realise they’re even present. Just how over the top is this book? Ha. Read it and see. Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield might be a Marine, but he would not be out of place in a superhero comic, wielding his maghook with a finesse that will make Batman green with envy. Ribs crack, blood spills and limbs are lost, but the heroes in this outing keep on coming back for more. Oorah!…at some point in the proceedings I became aware of the fact that I was enjoying myself, even though all reason or common sense had long since fled. You can’t take a book like this too seriously, and that is perhaps a saving grace. Stick with it, laugh, cringe, enjoy! It’s more akin to playing a video game than reading a novel, but you might well end up buying the sequel too.In the end I’m not sure where to classify this book. It’s certainly an action novel, but there are smatterings of Science Fiction and Horror (albeit of the B-grade kind) as well. Conspiracy Theory. Murder Mystery. Hell yeah! It was actually quite a bit of fun, all told. Another plus: the villains in this book aren’t from Eastern Europe, Africa or the Middle East, which was kind of refreshing.This book is for people who like big explosions, ridiculous coincidences and a Chuck Norris approved protagonist. Read it if you dare.

Conor Lyons

This book was the type where you can honest not put it down, i found my self on numerous occasions racing this book for hours on end. Written by a former student of St Aloysius, this book was very exciting and always a had a sudden twist around the corner. For the first 100 pages there was action, but as i continued into the later stages of the book it was non stop action, which for many people might be a bit overwhelming but personally i loved it. The characters such as Scofield was excellent he was a traditional hero character, un trusting and in difficult situations he always pulled through. Other characters such as "Book" were very good he was a side kick for Scofield always offering a hand when completing tasks. The way the book was written there where two scenarios going on. The Americans on the ice station, then a reporter going around to different houses interviewing people. during the book i wasn't really interested in the interviewed but by the end i realised that these were curial because they give away certain twists in the book if you pay enough close attention. Personally this was a great book for me, i would recommend it to any teenager.

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