If You Lived 100 Years Ago

ISBN: 0590960016
ISBN 13: 9780590960014
By: Ann McGovern Mcgovern Anna DiVito

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About this book

Readers travel back in time to explore life in New York City 100 years ago, where there's not a television or computer in sight! This illustrated guide reveals how people both rich and poor dressed, traveled, dined, and entertained themselves.

Reader's Thoughts


v. nice book, lots of pictures and illos. new york at the turn of the century. compares living conditions, food, wages, sports, books etc.

Lauren Briggs

I think this is a great book for children to read. Sometimes I don’t think children understand how much things have changed in a hundred years. New technologies have made the living situation much better. I like how they explained that sports were just being invented a hundred years ago and the rich and the poor traveled in very different ways.

Kayla Skeans

Reading this book was fun, where the book showed what you would have been doing if you were high class or lower class. It also showed that the lower class had less but were humble.

Samantha Penrose

I plan to read many more of these "if you" books with the kids. Great illustrations, and the information is presented in a fun way.


I loved this book. The illustrations will help younger children enjoy the book and really fun and interesting facts are shared. This would be a great book to help children fall in love with history.

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