Imajica 1: The Fifth Dominion

ISBN: 0061094145
ISBN 13: 9780061094149
By: Clive Barker

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About this book

The magical tale of ill-fated lovers lost among worlds teetering on the edge of destruction, where their passion holds the key to escape. There has never been a book like Imajica. Transforming every expectation offantasy fiction with its heady mingling of radical sexuality and spiritual anarchy, it has carried its millions of readers into regions of passion and philosophy that few books have even attempted to map. It's an epic in every way; vast in conception, obsessively detailed in execution, and apocalyptic in its resolution. A book of erotic mysteries and perverse violence. A book of ancient, mythological landscapes and even more ancient magic.

Reader's Thoughts


I am exercsing my (rarely used) right not to finish a book. I've read Clive Barker before, and routinely been unimpressed. After 150 pages (which is about 80 pages more than the hundred page rule- if you don't know, that rule says you should read 100-your age of a book before deciding not to read more of it), I've decided that I don't care if I finish this 500+ page monster, especially given that this is only half of the overall story that just wouldn't fit in one paperback edition. The place I do feel a bit bad about this is in that Barker claims that this book is his magnum opus, written about Jesus and England. Of course, it was also published in the early 90s, so he may very well have moved on from there.The book still gets two stars, however, since the introduction is interesting. I always find it fascinating to hear authors talk about where their ideas come from, why they write what they do, and what they think about the work in question. And maybe that ultimately prejudiced me against the book (given how much I disagree with Mr. Barker), but that part was worth the read nonetheless.


he is my favorite and this is my favorite of his works, hard though it is to choose.


My most favorite fantasy series, hands down. Love love love Imajica!


Really good story but something that I can't explain is missing - maybe that something that keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next, I'm not really sure, just can't put my finger on it... Worth reading though...

Christine Quiampang Rader

My imagination went wild with awesome imagery.

Zak Johansson

The language made it difficult to read but it was interesting nonetheless. And the jesus imagery is interesting as well. I look forward to the reconcilation

Nikos Sekeroglou

His best work. Read!


Favorite QuotesA man kills the thing he loves, and he must die a little himself.His body and his mind went about their different businesses. The former, freed from conscious instruction, breathed, rolled, sweated, and digested. The latter went dreaming.We’re too much ourselves. Afraid of letting go of what we are, in case we are nothing, and holding on so tight, we lose everything else.

Wrey Fuentes

I'm not going to wax rhapsodic. It was a good read, and this from someone who rarely enteres into the realm of fantasy (in this case, an urban fantasy). What I will say is that, Clive, poppet, you dangle prepositions like fruit from a most laden tree just before harvest!


essential clive barker


I really had to force myself to finish this, and just barely. I did not like any of the main characters, and their motives for doing anything just seemed forced. I get that the author was going for a mystical, mind-bending reality thing here, but, it didn't work for me. Highly doubt I'll read the second half. Mayhap if I cared for the characters at all I would.


this and book 2 are my favorite books by this author

Rachel Pollock

I first read Imajica maybe a dozen years ago, and i remembered liking it a lot at the time, but you know, sometimes tastes change. However, i was in the mood for a huge freaky epic reading experience, so i thought i might give it a second whirl, and i'm SO glad i did. I'm enjoying it just as much this time around as i did the first time. Barker's imagination is vast and bizarre in all the best ways. And we need more mystifs here in the Fifth Dimension, or maybe we just need to love the ones we have with a little more kindness. Bring on Book 2!

Derek Brown

Clive Barker at his finest. This guy's imagination can take you literally anywhere. Exploring the boundaries between worlds, metaphysics, even love are up on his itinerary and he makes it fun to take the journey with him.


i picked this book up at a flea market in wisconsin. last night i was trying to decide what book to read and i decided to wait on this one until after christmas b/c as i understand it, this is book is giant and daunting and time consuming but it sounds awesome.

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