Imajica. El Quinto Dominio

ISBN: 8498002451
ISBN 13: 9788498002454
By: Clive Barker

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About this book

John Furia Zacharias, alias "Cortés", experto falsificador cuya vida se ha convertido en una sarta de mentiras; Judith Odell, cuyo poder para dominar a los hombres es mayor de lo que ella misma cree; y Pai`oh`pah, un misterioso asesino procedente de otra dimensión, se ven envueltos en una compleja trama situada en Imajica. Un universo poliédrico y oscuro, regido por leyes más allá de nuestro conocimiento; lejano pero a la vez, a nuestro alcance. Una historia donde el erotismo y la pasión se entrelazan con el terror y la ambición.

Reader's Thoughts


Sounds daunting.. but... I'm not reading anything else so why not? I wish I could take a highlighter/annotate this.


Imajica is the best of Barker's books! One of my favorite books of all time. Imaginative fantasy worlds are his specialty.


i picked this book up at a flea market in wisconsin. last night i was trying to decide what book to read and i decided to wait on this one until after christmas b/c as i understand it, this is book is giant and daunting and time consuming but it sounds awesome.

Strider Jones

Barker's poetic prose and convincing characterisation parachutes the reader into his imagination. You become part of his landscape and plot and don't desire the return to your own realm until the adventure is over. I prefer Weaveworld and The Great And Secret Show..but all are different and all unique trips into believable fantasy.


essential clive barker


Sooo looooong...

Rene Stein

Jestli se budoucnost hororu jmenuje C. Barker, jak prý někde řekl S. King, začal bych mít o tu budoucnost obavy.

Zak Johansson

The language made it difficult to read but it was interesting nonetheless. And the jesus imagery is interesting as well. I look forward to the reconcilation


Awesome book. I loved this one and can't wait to continue in book 2 (which I have actually already started). It's an excellent story. It took me about 90-100 pages to get into into but once I was there was no stopping me. Thanks Dave!

Nikos Sekeroglou

His best work. Read!


Fascinating and mesmerizing :)


Favorite QuotesA man kills the thing he loves, and he must die a little himself.His body and his mind went about their different businesses. The former, freed from conscious instruction, breathed, rolled, sweated, and digested. The latter went dreaming.We’re too much ourselves. Afraid of letting go of what we are, in case we are nothing, and holding on so tight, we lose everything else.


this and book 2 are my favorite books by this author

While admittedly boasting Barker's very unique and different imagination, I personally couldn't finish this.

Derek Brown

Clive Barker at his finest. This guy's imagination can take you literally anywhere. Exploring the boundaries between worlds, metaphysics, even love are up on his itinerary and he makes it fun to take the journey with him.

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