In the Arms of Africa: The Life of Colin Turnbull

ISBN: 0226309045
ISBN 13: 9780226309040
By: Roy Richard Grinker

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About this book

Colin Turnbull made a name for himself with The Forest People, his acclaimed study of African Pygmies. His second book, however, The Mountain People, ignited a swirl of controversy within anthropology and tainted Turnbull's reputation as a respected anthropologist.In this scrupulously researched biography, Roy Richard Grinker charts the rise and fall of this colorful and controversial man—from his Scottish family and British education to travels in Africa and his great love affair with Joe Towles. Grinker, noted for his own work on the Pygmies, herein gives readers a fascinating account of Turnbull's life and work.Originally published by St. Martin's Press

Reader's Thoughts


A very good biography about a complicated man. Personally, I would have preferred more about his professional life and less about his love affair with his partner Joseph, but that's just me and doesn't alter the quality of the research and the writing.

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