In The Groove (NASCAR, #2)

ISBN: 0373770987
ISBN 13: 9780373770984
By: Pamela Britton

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About this book

She wouldn't know a NASCAR star if he hit her with his car-and he just did.Sarah was a kindergarten teacher until a sleazy ex-boyfriend got her fired. Now the only job she can find is driving the motor coach for racing star Lance Cooper...whoever that is. Sarah doesn't know a thing about NASCAR—she just needs a job, and she’s off to a rocky start when she doesn't even recognize her ultra-famous boss.Lance can't help but notice Sarah’s sweet smile—and how seriously unimpressed she is with his fame. It's a reaction that piques his interest--that is, until things get a little too friendly on the bus. But Sarah has no interest in Lance's jet-setting life; she'd rather deal with spit balls than one super sexy race car driver.But when things begin to heat up on the track, Sarah begins to wonder if life in the fast lane might be a detour worth taking—and if maybe, just maybe, she might be able to take a famous race car driver down a rocky road to find love.The high-speed thrill of NASCAR racing meets the high-stakes game of love in this whirlwind romance from the author of Dangerous Curves!

Reader's Thoughts


If you're a NASCAR fan, you'll love this book. Another excellent one in the series, and I can't get enough of them. The characters are great, the author knows what she's talking about so the characters don't look like idiots. And awesome joyride!

Deborah Vespo

I recently discovered Pamela's books and I really like them. They are clean and I could easily share them with my daughter and not blush about it. I found them for sale at the library and bought the whole bunch of them!


Read this back in 2005. It was very typical romance novel-ish with a Nascar twist. The characters in this one weren't particularly likable.

Heather Blythe

Loved the book. could not put it down..

Melissa Fletcher

this was a real cute story,especially with her baking him cookies and i liked that she wasnt like drop dead gorgeous it was cute and witty, and he was a real sweet person,overall good book!


It was really confusing this book.At some places it was perfect, just right, then at some too fast, then too...something. I like the humor and Lance was just a cookie.You'd think that a hottie like Lance should get a mind-blowing story,But alas It was not.


Pam is an awesome author. She really sinks you into her books, you just can't put them down. I just love this girl! OK, she happens to be my BFF too, so I'm a little partial, but still, her books rock.

Isis FG

** spoiler alert ** Though it's trite to say, this was a cute book. I tend to usually enjoy sports romances, and I mostly liked this one. I'd read Britton's last NASCAR romance and liked it, so that's why I gave this one a try.In The Groove is pure romance. There's pretty much no suspense with it.Overall, the book was an easy read. I wasn't bored or annoyed with parts. I think you have to be a NASCAR fan to enjoy the book. It definitely helps with understanding the different dynamics. Like I said, there's a nice cuteness factor to the book. Sort of a true-blue romance. The characters are interesting and likable. They seem to work well together.Britton does, though, skip out entirely on the physical aspects of the romance, ie sex. Lance and Sarah share some kisses, but the rest is implied. We don't even get any groping. That's a bit disappointing, and unusual. It does take a little bit away from the romance, but whatever.Anyway, decent book, but I'd recommend her other NASCAR romance, Dangerous Curves, over this one.


Very cute funny beginning. Liking Sarah so far she seems like a character who is normal and down to earth and easy to relate to. Love the part where Sarah googles Lance's name and 900,000 results come up. She then googles her own name and 1 comes up for "Naked and naughty teachers". Hahah! Good stuff, the wonders of google. When Sarah and Lance hook-up, the reader doesn't get to read about it just the author telling us they did which is strange for this type of book, I also thought the hook-up was a bit premature. The hook-up happened kind of fast but with Chik-lit books that is usually the case and my beef with them. Oh and yeah I definitely consider this a Chik-lit book. Huh, funny how the author added in a restaurant called "Bimbos" where the waitresses are large breasted and wear tight, yellow, tops. Sounds familiar (Hooters) and interesting choice calling this restaurant "Bimbos" tell us how you really feel huh? A tad bit perfect; mom went from being Joan Crawford and "no more wire hangers" to June Cleaver and freshly baked muffins. Lance felt like a cardboard cut out character; didn't really know him. The only thing the reader knows about him is he is sexy and super nice. I just didn't connect with him at all. This was a super fast read and cotton candy, no real substance. Not to be mean or anything (I love this saying because you just know something bitchy is going to follow it) but this story read as if it could have been a highschooler who wrote it. I'm usually not one for overblown sex scenes (unless they involve Camaros, yeah still not over that one. Tara Janzen- Crazy Hot) but man the author only describes them kissing and then has Sarah wake up one morning and say "Oh we did it". This was a teen fiction story being sold as an adult romance book. I didn't quite give it a failing grade because it did have a lot of funny moments and any book that at least makes you smile or laugh should be given a passing grade.  C-

Jessica Alcazar

huge improvement over Dangerous Curves, but I still didnt feel a connection. I really thought I would because the beginning was fantastically witty and entertaining and Sarah and Lance had and instant connection that was fun to read, but yet I still got bored. Sarah became a pain in my ass with her low self esteem and Lance became an idiot with his doormat tendencies AND after about half way thru it lost it's fun because of it. I also felt like I was reading something meant to be read by a teen. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not for me ..... I wont stop myself from reading another Pamela Britton book in this series, I'm just not running out to by the book LOL


Former kindergarten teacher, who was recently fired from her job b/c her ex-BF falsified some pics of her as porn, got a job driving famous race-car driver's RV. Upon their accidental meeting, she was was misled by good-looking Hero that he was just the poolboy b/c he liked that she didn't know about him nor was impressed by his money or status. Attraction was instant but heroine's fear of being hurt again obstructs their promising romance.The book was funny & romance good. Sexual chemistry was popping. And then the sex scenes...was glossed over!!! It's like being promised some yummy chocolate only to get celery instead. What a disappointment!Partially recommended for witty dialogue & ok romance without any loves scenes.


I love it. Pamela is one of the best writers out there and all of her books are worth a shot.


Agggh! I finished the previous book and immediately found this one, so excited when I realized it was Lance's story. And then he's paired up with this... door mat of a woman. No back bone. No chutzpa. No nerve. No confidence. She constantly found fault in herself. Allowed others to use and hurt her without batting an eye. "Oh no, pretty girls are saying I'm ugly, I can't handle this!" Fucking GROW UP.That bitch refused to bake Lance cookies even though she knew he couldn't win the race without them. I DID NOT LIKE HER.Obviously, I liked Lance. I thought he should have pushed her harder when she refused to give their relationship a chance. Otherwise, he was great. But this story focused on Sarah and how little self-confidence she had, how cowardly she was, and how ridiculous little she knew about racing.Spending less time rehashing Sarah's insecurities and more time focusing on Lance turning his season around would have benefited this book immensely. Sarah was why he turned his season around. That needed to be made clear.


I belong to a group of knitters who are also NASCAR fans and participated in a yarn swap based on our love of both. My swap partner sent this book to me because I'd mentioned I'd never read any of this series. What fun! For those who aren't fans of the sport, there's plenty to keep you interested and for those of us who are fans, well I certainly saw the personalities I'm used to seeing on race day in this book.Nothing heavy, just a good fun romp of a read.


I loved this book! Sarah and Lance were such great characters and each time I thought I knew how something was going to go, it went another way. I loved seeing how this relationship developed between these two very different, yet similar people. I hope the rest of the books in this series are as good as this one was!

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