Indulgence: Around the World in Search of Chocolate

ISBN: 0349115524
ISBN 13: 9780349115528
By: Paul Richardson

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About this book

From Willy Wonka to Ferrero Rocher, chocolate is embedded in our culture as perhaps no other foodstuff. And although it has been swooned over endlessly in print, Indulgence takes the subject to entirely new realms. In a pleasurable mélange of travel narrative, historical writing, and literary gastronomy, Paul Richardson discovers a substance that still has much to say about the joys and agonies of our human debt to pleasure. In this whimsical chronicle of one of mankind’s ruling passions, he concludes that chocolate has lost none of its mysterious capacity to bewitch.

Reader's Thoughts

Giada Da

Goloso davvero. Effetto collaterale alla lettura: desiderio di mangiare cioccolata.

A bit dense, and clearly one of his earlier works, but an indispensable read for a chocoholic traveler.

Susan Murray

Fabulous subject with a plodding treatment. Maybe I would have connected to his (inumerable) childhood references if I was British.

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