Introducing Melanie Klein (Introducing (Icon))

ISBN: 1840467118
ISBN 13: 9781840467116
By: R.D. Hinshelwood Susan Robinson Oscar Zárate

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About this book

Melanie Klein was the most innovative and influential child psychoanalyst in the first half of the twentieth century. Introducing Melanie Klein explores her progressive ideas. Her concepts of the depressive position and the paranoid-schizoid position are now in common usage, and her work is studied by psychoanalysts the world over.

Reader's Thoughts

ruya ve gece

I guess a person who has not read or heard about any ideas of Klein, could not be introduced with her through this book, even be confused. Since the fact that Klein's theories are very complex and "abstract", I would personally recommend the ones, who has already heard about at least some basic ideas of Klein, to read it. It is a joyful summary of both her personal life and psychoanalytical approaches. I really appreciate the drawings.


Very funny!

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INTRODUCING guide to the pioneering child psychoanalyst. Born in Vienna in 1882, Melanie Klein became a pioneer in child psychoanalysis and developed several ground-breaking concepts about the nature and crucial importance of the early stages of infantile development. Although she was a devoted Freudian, many of her ideas were seen within the psychoanalytic movement as highly controversial, and this led to heated conflicts, particularly with Freud's daughter, Anna. Introducing Melanie Klein brilliantly explains Klein's ideas, and shows the importance of her startling discoveries which raised such opposition at the time and are only now being recognized for their explanatory power. Her concepts of the depressive position and the paranoid-schizoid position are now in common usage and her work has to be taken seriously by psychoanalysts the world over. She is also now important in many academic fields within the human sciences.Robert Hinshelwood is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is Professor in the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex. Susan Robinson is a psychoanalyst. Oscar Zarate is one of the UK's leading graphic artists. He has illustrated numerous Introducing titles. His graphic novel A Small Killing won the Will Eisner Prize.


Being already familiar with Klein's theories, I read this as a refresher and 'add on' to my knowledge. I found this a useful exercise, as I re-read about her more familiar ideas, and expanded on some that I had only come across in passing. I would say that this was an excellent dip in book, you already have some basic knowledge about Klein, otherwise I can see how this quick trip through child development theory might be a bit confusing.

Ahmed Almawali

يبدو أن حظي يتعثر للمرة الثانية مع هذه السلسلة بعد سقطة سارتر فالعنوان مبهر وطريقة العرض يتضح أنها تجنح لتبسيط الفكرة وتسهيلها إلا أنّ توقعي لم يكن بمحله وتوقفت في الثلث الأخير من الكتابميلاني كلاين عالمةُ نفس عاشت طفولة قاسية اتسمت ب: الرفض والحرمان النفسي والطبيعي قبل ذلك، في الوقت الذي كانت تحلم أن تصبح طبيبة كأبيها، إلا أن حلمها لم يتحقق لتجد في التحليل النفسي متنفسا لها وملجأ لإبداعاتها في وقت كان حضور المرأة لهذا التخصص نادرا، مع كل هذا فقد ثارت ولم تؤمن بكل قواعده فاتجهت لتطبيق التحليل النفسي على الأطفال عن طريق اللعب ( لأنها تستطيع أن تتأمل حياة الأطفال بما طبعت عليه من رحمة).بالتأكيد هذا الخروج (لم يلق ارتياحا من قبل الرجال)فهم يدركون أنه لم يكن تحليلا حقيقيا بما إنه لم يطبق على الكبار إلا أنهم اقتنعوا بعد حين كعادة كل فكرة غير متقبلة في البداية.


I believe Melanie Klein is not respected anymore. I believe she was te woman who was unkind to her own children while she was a therapist for children.

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