Introducing the Apocrypha: Message, Context, and Significance

ISBN: 0801031036
ISBN 13: 9780801031038
By: David A. Desilva James H. Charlesworth

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About this book

In this accessible book, David deSilva introduces the Old Testament Apocryphal books and summarizes their context, message, and significance. Now in paperback. "DeSilva does a fine job of placing the Apocrypha within the historical context of the Jewish world in which early Christianity was forged."--"Publishers Weekly"

Reader's Thoughts

Theron Mathis

I am involved in adult education at an Orthodox parish. A couple years, after the The Orthodox Study Bible: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World was published, members of the class asked me to teach on those extra OT books. I was raised Protestant, so while I knew the Bible well, I knew nothing of these books. My response, like a parent delaying a request they don't want to fulfill, was "We'll see". Eventually I decided to take up the challenge, but outside of reading the books themselves, I found very little helpful material. Thankfully, a friend led me to this book. I really can not praise it enough. Not only is it comprehensive in its treatment of the Apocrypha, the bibliography and source material listed can send you down deeper into scholarly inquiry if you wish. The author himself does not consider the books canonical, but treats them kindly and encourages them to be read for spiritual benefit and for a better understanding of the New Testament world. My biggest surprise when encountering this book as well as the original texts was how much they reveal Christ and explain Paul. Later, I compiled my own study notes and classroom responses and wrote a devotional overview of the Apocryphal books entitled The Rest of the Bible. I would never have been able to teach that class or write my book without deSilva's excellent work.Thank you Dr. deSilva!

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