Introduction to Mathematical Logic

ISBN: 0412808307
ISBN 13: 9780412808302
By: Elliott Mendelson

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About this book

This established standard covers the basic topics for a first course in mathematical logic. In this edition, the author has added an extensive appendix on second-order logic, a section on set theory with urelements, and a section on the logic that results when we allow models with empty domains.

Reader's Thoughts


I list this book as "currently reading" even though I've read it before because this is a book that, for better or for worse, you never stop reading.

Pedro Carvalho

Very interesting. Good, clear and intuitive explanations, without lapsing to lack of rigour.


There are more rigorous, professional introductions to the subject—but they are designed for people who already know a good deal about the subject, or are exceptional mathematicians. This is a fast-paced and thorough introduction, not for the faint of heart or casual student of mathematical logic. The text is clear and demanding, and provides all of the insight that one could reasonably hope for in the subject, as we understand it to date. It also leaves much of the work to the reader in the form of exercises at the end of each section and chapter. You cannot read this if you aren't already proficient in both mathematical proofs and symbolic logic.


I can't totally dismiss this book, but I keep setting it aside. I'm trying to read it in concurrence with two others--one also on mathematical logic and another specifically on set theory. I'm finding it easier to take information from the other two books and form it into a coherent picture. The table of contents of Mendelson's book has topics that I know I'm going to want to learn, so I keep it handy hoping that someday what I read in the other two books will give me the knowledge or perspective I need to appreciate this one.

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