Introduction to Real Analysis

ISBN: 0471321486
ISBN 13: 9780471321484
By: Robert G. Bartle Donald R. Sherbert

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About this book

Recognizing the increased role of real analysis in economics, management engineering and computer science as well as in the physical sciences, this Second Edition meets the need for an accessible, comprehensive textbook regarding the fundamental concepts and techniques in this area of mathematics. Provides solid coverage of real analysis fundamentals with an emphasis on topics from numerical analysis and approximation theory because of their increased importance to contemporary students. Topics include real numbers, sequences, limits, continuous functions, differentiation, infinite series and more. Topological concepts are now conveniently combined into one chapter. An appendix on logic and proofs helps students in analyzing proofs of theorems.

Reader's Thoughts

Hahn hahn

buku babon heuheu


How strange... That math textbooks are available for review. Oh well, neat. This one's a real page turner!


The book is very well written, logically organized and easy to read.


This book was used in my Real Analysis course. The subject would be hard to learn from this book alone, but lucky for me I had a great teacher at San Jose State University. For those trying to use the book, I do have some electronic copies materials of theorems and study notes that I put to help me in my studies. Contact me if you want copies of those materials.

Qothrotun Nada

buku edisi ketiga yang dipakai saat kuliah anril 1 dan anril 2. hmm. belum semua dipelajari saat kuliah S1.

Duddy Septiadi



Ouch! Trying to learn analysis with this book alone is probably impossible, and definitely not enjoyable. Mix this with Haaser & Sullivan's title and maybe Rudin's book and you stand a fair chance of walking away with a solid foundation... so you can move on to Folland's Abstract Algebra book, or perhaps even give yourself a fatal aneurysm attempting some problems from Dummit & Foote's Abstract Algebra book.


Textbook for this fall's analysis course.

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