Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Systems, Applications

ISBN: 0130613096
ISBN 13: 9780130613097
By: Saeed B. Niku

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About this book

This books serves as an introduction to robotics analysis, the systems and sub-systems that constitute robots and robotic systems, and robotics applications. All of the fundamentals of robotics are covered--robotics analysis; including kinematics, kinetics and force control, and trajectory planning of robots; its sub-systems such as actuators, sensors, and vision systems; as well as robotics applications. "Introduction to Robotics" also includes many subjects related to mechatronics, microprocessor actuator control, integration of sensors, vision systems, and fuzzy logic. For practicing mechanical engineers, electronic and electric engineers, computer engineers, and engineering technologists who would like to learn about robotics.

Reader's Thoughts


Selected topics from this book formed a part of my graduate introductory course in Robotics. I read the following chapters:Chapter 1: FundamentalsChapter 2: Robot Kinematics: Position AnalysisChapter 3: Differential Motions and VelocitiesChapter 5: Trajectory PlanningChapter 6: ActuatorsChapter 7: SensorsNeedless to say, Robotics is a math-intensive subject. If you have a good grasp over the basics of matrices, vectors and cartesian/ cylindrical/ spherical coordinate systems; you'll find the derivations and explanations much easier. Overall, the concepts are treated quite fairly with relevant examples and practice problems.

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