Irene’s Cunt

ISBN: 1871592542
ISBN 13: 9781871592542
By: Louis Aragon Alexis Lykiard

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Reader's Thoughts

Milton Cubicle

its such a moving story about irene and her best friend, her c**t. Biten by a radioactive spider her c**t comes to life in this hillarious and tragic holocaust black comedy romantic drama.

Nick Ramsey

I read this book, first, because it was really short and a nice diversion during the run-up to finals week and, second, because William T. Vollmann cited it as a major influence to his not-so-short book The Royal Family. Vollmann mentioned in an interview that he thought the book had some "pretty sentences." I think that is about all that can or should be said about it.


For years I tried to find out who this incredible writer was. My copy is under the name Albert de Routtisie, same translation.Camus called it "The finest of all works touching on eroticism" but it's even more than that. Some other reviewers gave the basics, a paraplegic man is used as captive audience by his wife and daughter who engage in a range of perversions with farm hands.The real story is his increasing enjoyment of these supposed 'tortures', his growing sense that he holds the reigns of power, a shifting of erotic sensation onto the changing colors and smells of the seasons, and finally his ascent into "the blue kingdom of the flies", a godlike psychic state. The final chapters are luminous and morse-code-like, signalling a new reality. Aragon used a pornographic setting as the most suitable jumping off point to this erotic-spiritual epiphany.


The French have a way with things we won't even talk about.

Rihab Kiidmel

Un texte immense qui aurait été épuré par le temps. Tout ce qui est superflue, maladroit, redondant, agressif a été érodé, gommé. Seul l’essentiel demeure. J’aime les associations, insolites, inattendues, décalées..L'absence de verbes donne des idées, ouvre une porte. On se sent à la ligne de partage des eaux, on ne sait si le flot va s'orienter vers la mer mediterrannée ou vers l'atlantique. Il y a une certaine pleinitude dans le désespoir.. J'ai tout simplement adoré !

Carlo Mayer


Sesho Maru

Really the most shocking thing about this book was its title but the actual novel itself was pretty sedate. There's nothing in here much worse than Henry Miller and even though it's labeled as "Surrealist Erotica" on the back I didn't feel it was "surreal" at all. But maybe I'm looking at it through a 21st century POV instead of 1928, when this was published. Aragon was one of the founding members of Surrealism but that doesn't make this book surrealist. It was a decent short read, but pretty much a sidenote to his more important work.


Don't remember this at all. No doubt I read it b/c it was porn written by a Surrealist. The back cover tells me that it's about a paralyzed old man who gets his sexual experience by watching other people have sex thru peepholes. The real translation of the original French title wd be "Irene's Cunt" but Grove probably cdn't get away w/ that at the time.

Pedro Ferreira

Este é daqueles títulos que li porque um amigo me recomendou, porque o título me cativou e porque há muito sentia curiosidade pelos movimentos surrealistas. Na minha opinião o livro começa bastante bem, vai-se tornando confuso e engraçado pelo meio, mas perde toda a piada quando o autor se começa a perder com descrições absurdas, confusas e bastante chatas.


just sold it.

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