Iron Dragons

ISBN: 1411699815
ISBN 13: 9781411699816
By: Derek P. Gilbert

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About this book

Dragon pee really stinks.With that bit of cautionary advice, master dragonslayer Davian begins his tale.Davian is a Third Level Master of The Order, a group of men who alone have the power to battle the most fearsome creatures on all of Saramond. For thousands of years, the brothers of The Order have protected their world.Now something has upset the balance of power between man and dragon, and Davian must face what appears to be a dragon that cannot be seen.But Davian is losing his grip on reality — and the fate of the world rests with a stable hand, an underfed priest, and a gardener from beyond the stars.

Reader's Thoughts


Decent read


I totally enjoyed this podiobook and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys scifi/fantasy. I found myself looking for other works by the same author. A follow up is a must! Definitely a "good read".

Shira Karp

This book follows the adventure of Davian, a third level Master of the Order. Masters of the Order are men with abilities mostly psychic and related to metal and fire. These abilities cause them to be simultaneously outcast from society and heavily relied on as their abilities allow them to fight dragons who wander around the countryside terrorizing villages and cities alike. After what should have been a routine slaying gone awry and simultaneously saved by an overly curious preist, Davian is approached by a stable boy from the capitol who asks him to come face an INVISIBLE dragon who has driven other Masters of the Order insane somehow. Davian, accompanied by the very sarcastic stable boy, overly curious and good hearted priest, and a stray dog they acquire on the way, set off to figure out how to slay an invisible dragon. On their journey they run into a strange man who they understand to be a "gardener from the stars". Davian's abilities allow him to communicate with this stranger who joins their group in search of his fellow astronaut explorers. This book is about the effect misunderstood technology can have in the wrong hands, with religious undertones. And, as all epic novels, it is also about teamwork to overcome a great adversity. I actually got this book as a podiobook read by the auther, not in Kindle format. I had never actually finished an audio book before since my attention tends to wander if I'm not physically holding a book and reading, but this one was different and I'm glad I decided to give audiobooks another shot. It was the first book I've ever finished in audio format and I went through it pretty quickly. The story was fun and fresh and the characters had a lot of personality. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this series.

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