ISBN: 0789497255
ISBN 13: 9780789497253
By: Rosie Ayliffe

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Reader's Thoughts


read it, lived it, loved it!!!!!

Anna M.

I read this when I was at Istanbul this January.


These Eyewitness Travel Guides by DK Travel are the best I've found. I find many travel guides too text heavy which makes it hard to pull out one highlight over another, but these guides get it right. They are the perfect balance of content and photos/graphic interface.


It's heavy to travel with, but it exists to give more overview information of places, which is nice and lacking in guide books like Lonely Planet and its peers. Good brief histories of one of the oldest places on Earth. That said, this is not the guide book you want to use if you are looking to find the same hostels and restaurants as all those other globetrotters clutching their Lonely Planets to their chests.

Alexis Collins

Great travel guide!

Juliette Jimeno

Not so helpful while I was there.

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