Jacklight (Abacus Books)

ISBN: 0349101906
ISBN 13: 9780349101903
By: Louise Erdrich

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About this book

Intimate, honest and generous meditations on the delicate balance of mothering a baby and maintaining an artistic life, from the celebrated novelist and poet."Observant, tender and honest." "--New York Times Book Review"

Reader's Thoughts

Celery Bean

What I like most about this collection is the connection with Erdrich's fictional characters. These poems feel like sketches, and seen in that light are wonderful. Seen as purely poetry, some are lacking a certain power that I have come to expect from her novels.


I love Erdrich's novels, but after reading Jacklight, I do wish she'd publish more poetry! Intense, lyrical language, what makes her novels so moving distilled here in verse.


Some of my favorite American poems are in this book.

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