Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents

ISBN: 0871162105
ISBN 13: 9780871162106
By: Jeff Herman

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Reader's Thoughts


Lots of good information in here. Plenty thick.

Heather Shaw

Jeff Herman's Guide To Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents 2009 (Three Dog Press, 978-0-9772682-4-5) is in its 19th edition. Nineteen years is a long time to be publishing comprehensively – and Herman, bless him, takes time and space at the beginning of his book not only to acknowledge the freelancers who help him self-publish, but he also to supply their contact information. Nineteen years is a long time to have been doing anything, but unlike, for example, parenting, publishing has become so much more (or less) than raising a book. Regarding what once were the established houses named for founders—like William Morrow, Harper Collins, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Simon & Schuster— and are now part of multinational conglomerates, I quote:The revolution came and happened quickly. Some of us complained, but it didn’t make any difference. It was a funny revolution in that it reversed the usual dynamic. Unlike the breaking away of exploited tribes from masters of conquest, which is revolution in its most romantic form, we watched as faceless and formless conquerors wrapped themselves around most of our precious tribes and soundlessly absorbed them into a small number of obese oceans.…While some of the firms may be led by high-profile individuals or greatly influenced my multigenerational families that control large blocks of non-traded stock, it is also safe to say that these firms are greater than any one person or any unified collection of people. At the end of the day, it is the various pension funds and institutional investment firms that must be satisfied.Fear not, authors who must. There are the independent presses. I quote again:Together the “independents are the other half of the game. As a unified force, they are smaller than they were a decade ago, and are likely to keep getting smaller. But as their market-share shrinks, their indispensability only grows.…In the end, it’s quality that counts, not quantity. And the long-term consequences of the growing consolidation in the industry are not clear yet. Dominance leads to comfort, which leads to inertia. When the asteroids return, it’s the ponderous dominators who will be the first to fall.“Indispensable” is the word I’d use to describe Herman’s book if you’re an author with a finished manuscript. The profiles of the independent houses are complete, the interviews with agents enlightening, and the advice to writers straightforward.Plus, it’s hard not to love a book that’s dedicated to “people who share their blessings, knowledge and wisdom with others.” Thanks, Jeff(ForeWord Magazine)

Rachel Kelley

Like Writer's Market only more personal. Gives you an in-depth look at the people behind the desk and I must say it is helpful, humanizing them.


Unlike with some reference books of this sort, pulling the information I wanted and needed from this book was straight-forward. Passing it on to my friend Carrie now... :)

Aauvi House

Great book! Found content to be informative and accurate. However the 2011 edition was almost word for word a repeat of the 2010 edition, very disappointed and a waste of money, not to mention the material was out of date.

Rita Stradling

the "advice for writers" section is excellent.

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