Jewels of Time

ISBN: 0505522497
ISBN 13: 9780505522498
By: Tess Mallory Flora Speer

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Reader's Thoughts


** spoiler alert ** Decent book, but I disliked how selfish the heroine was (even though it seemed like she was being selfish. It was all about her. What she wanted. How she could get back. If she could meet her ancestors...etc.) And she was so annoyingly suspicious. I'm sure the selfish/suspicious reaction is realistic (I mean, who knows how I'd act if I traveled through time), but it just grated on my nerves. I also felt that she wasn't a very strong protagonist, she was always getting into trouble with Jake having to rescue her. The one brave act, I think, was saving Jake after his laser wound. Even then, she wasn't good at it. How the cops didn't arrest her or take her in for more questioning, I'll never know--even with the convenience of her completely random "Hawaii" excuse. She was so suspicious and her previous answers were even more so.In the end, this was a good story. I felt for poor Jake, who had the world on his shoulders and all of the tough decisions to make. And he just kept getting beat up. By the time issue, lasers, knives... Poor thing.

Gypsie Holley

A wonderful romantice story. Traveling or rather I say hopping from one time to another this couple goes through so much for their love. They are so deserving by the end. One spot had me burst out laughing so hard and it earned the 4th star. A truly great love story! No quotes stood out, unfortunately.

Jennifer Nedbalek

My all-time favorite book. There is just something about it that stands out to me.

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