Jim Cramer’s Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich

ISBN: 1416537902
ISBN 13: 9781416537908
By: James J. Cramer Cliff Mason

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About this book

JIM CRAMER TELLS YOU HOW TO TAKE THE ADVICE ON HIS TV PROGRAM AND PUT IT INTO ACTIONIn Jim Cramer's Mad Money, TV's champion of the middle-class investor walks you through the key decisions investors have to make: understanding your tolerance for risk and defining your goals, doing the essential homework on a stock, and knowing how to buy and sell stocks the right way -- the Cramer way.From the first "Booyah" to the last roar of the bull, Mad Money offers TV viewers valuable information that can be the basis for a winning portfolio. Cramer now tells listeners how to turn the "Lightning Round" into stock market strength training. He reveals how he can assess a stock in only seconds, a valuable skill that every investor can acquire and put to good use. He reviews some of his best -- and worst -- calls to extract ten lessons from each that can profit every investor. And for the Mad Money junkies who just can't get enough, Cramer goes behind the scenes to explain everything from the reason behind his deliberate mispronunciations to his notorious chair abuse to the zany props and buttons that keep things humming.Jim Cramer's Mad Money can turn every investor's favorite TV program into a top-notch stock portfolio.

Reader's Thoughts


The show is a lot better than listening to his book on CD. His voice has a fingernails on the chalkboard effect when you are not physically watching him on TV. Good content...tough to listen to.


Not a bad book, but I never really watch the show. Most of the book is about how to best use the information he gives on the show. Though, you do learn some basic fundamental investing principles.


Cramer walks you through his television program in fashion allowing the viewer to profit from his tips. The real value here is Cramer's methodology for trading, not necessarily his picks. Cramer's writing style is entertaining but makes the book much longer than need be. Read it selectively. Best chapter is what to look for when he's interviewing a CEO. Again, it's better read for what Cramer looks for and, therefore, what you should look for when you listen to company's leadership spout and tout.


How can you not love this guy? I started watching his show, he's a lunatic, and he has me now learning how to invest. He really explains it well to those of us who aren't in 'the club' and calls people out when needed.


Another great investment book by Jim Cramer. This book contains a plethora of information regarding the stock market but is not so in depth as to confound the reader. If you are looking to learn how to invest in the stock market I would absolutely recommend this book as well as Cramer's "Real Money" and "Stay Mad for Life" books.


First of all, be sure to read his "Real Money" book before you read this one. This book will give you a bit more background on his TV show. However, the updates that he suggests in this book makes you realize that writing a book about investing isn't that helpful because market investing is such a dynamic scene.


a more coherent read than real money, if you're really interested in his stock investing advice, this is the better book to go with.


OK, if you're into risk, loud, obnoxious guys who give tips on TV shows that are fast and furious (and like the cars in the movie his suggestions, if you don't take them with a grain of salt[after all, it's TV, it's entertainment], will only help you crash and burn). At one time I was thinking of investing in the stock asset class; however, after further review, it's too risky. And unless you have millions to burn (read hedge fund), and lots of homework time, real estate is your only choice. Cha Bra! Peace out!


I listened to the Audio Book, and while it was nice that Jim Cramer read the book -- I thought the content wasn't so hot. This guy can't pick stocks any better than anybody else, and you're probably better off on your own than taking advice from him.


This book is good but light. It's 200 pages, but half of that is fluff. It is meant as a companion to the TV show, and that is where its weaknesses lie. There is a chapter that describes the sound effects Cramer uses and a chapter explaining how to simulate Cramer's "lightning round" by yourself... The 100 pages of actual content are good though, especially to someone clueless like me.


sometimes just reading about money makes you feel like you're not broke. unfortunately for me, i still am. but hopefully not for long.

Joseph Young

Besides a little too much self promotion and useless preamble, this is a decent book for people who know little about the stock market but have always wanted to get into it.


This book is essentially the Cramer handbook for his TV show. It does offer an updated business cycle chart and a research checklist that are extremely helpful for the private investor.


Entertaining tutorial on beginning investing. Working in the industry, I can say that it is a good start for those interested, but not necessarily an academic account on real world finance/investing.

Paul Tennant

this is a terrible book really. after his success in his other books, i believe he just wanted to milk the cow again. its short, and incredibly dull. it kind of takes away from the brilliance of his earlier wok. I honestly dont recommend it.

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