JLA, Vol. 15: The Tenth Circle

ISBN: 1401203469
ISBN 13: 9781401203467
By: John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway

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About this book

The legendary creative team of John Byrne and Chris Claremont — reunited! This trade paperback collects the red-hot storyline from JLA #94-99, in which the JLA investigates a rash of child disappearances — but soon begin to disappear themselves!

Reader's Thoughts


Other than a bit too much of the old style, "Getting weaker ... must .. use ... random ... super power ... too ... kick ... bad ... guys ... ass ... quick."Or "Oh my, the building is falling on those people, need to hurry up and finish this sentence so I can rush to their aid". This was pretty cool.Everytime I read JLA it always makes me think of how iconic the big three (ww, batman, superman) are and it makes me wonder if there will ever be new "icons" added. It's kinda like bands, will any of these newer bands have the staying power of the classic bands like Metallica or Guns and Roses or even older stuff like Sabbath or Led Zepplin.I mean will the guys from My Chemical Romance or Three Days Grace be playing out when their 60 like Aerosmith? Sorry got off topic.


Easily the worst JLA arc I've read, and the art wasn't up to part either.


A mish-mosh story, but with enough exposition to establish the unfamiliar and new characters so that it is still enjoyable for a casual fan.


Terrible book. So disapppointing.


There was all kinds of excitement when Byrne/ Clarmont reteamed to do this story, then a bit of 'That' it?" from the fanboy population.Which means a lot of people missed out on a good, old school style JLA story. Which I was thrilled to get, because the regular JLA series was crap at the time this came out. There's a big menace, lots of action and everybody on the team gets to do something.There are a few clunky bits, as it feels like they had a list of rules to follow from editorial and let's face it, that indian character was pretty lame, so even Byrne and Claramont couldn't do more than make him mildly interesting. Plus, the story was being used to introduce the new Doom Patrol so there was a lot to juggle.Not a perfect story, but the kind that reminds you the JLA can and should larger than life and fun. Plus, Byrne still draws a pretty cool looking JLA and the Atom got to help save the day while wearing his classic costume!


Batman's pun at the end though


This is easily the worst out of all the JLA book I've read. I didn't even like Vol. 3: Rock of Ages but would rather read that again than this boring and predictable entry.Basically the JLA fight a vampire. That's about it.

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