Julio Cortázar: New Readings

ISBN: 0521452104
ISBN 13: 9780521452106
By: Carlos J. Alonso Enrique Pupo-Walker Frederick Luciani

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About this book

The essays gathered here address the Argentine writer Julio Cortazar's oeuvre from a variety of critical positions and focus on several of his multifarious writings: poems, short stories, novels, and miscellanea. The intention has been to provide the space for a reappraisal of Cortazar that will question received notions and assumptions regarding his works, and hence pave the way for an overarching revision of his production and his place in Latin American letters. Although significantly different in their theoretical approach, style, and their point of insertion in Cortazar's oeuvre, the essays collectively manage to configure a Cortazar whose contours will both surprise and enlighten the reader.

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