Julio Cortázar y el hombre nuevo

ISBN: 9871136188
ISBN 13: 9789871136186
By: Graciela Maturo

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About this book

"Julio Cortazar y el hombre nuevo" is a critical interpretation that spans the whole works of Julio Cortazar. Avoiding simplifications or anecdotic trivia the author has carefully reviewed the writer's production, verifying the multiplicity of its discourse and the connecting lines that underlie, granting it a most uncommon unicity and coherence. This book had its startpoint more than thirty years ago, when Graciela Maturo began her studies on Rayuela and became specially interested about Cortazar's literary beginnings. Her critical and interpretative essay, published in 1968, quickly became a classic of the Cortazar criticism. Other articles and published studies, as well as courses and seminars, showed the author's permanent interest upon the Cortazar production. As a continuity of that task she decided to join the year 2004 homages by the updating and broadening of her book. Graciela Maturo is a poet, essay writer and researcher, specially dedicated to Literary Theory and Latin American Literature. Her theoretical work, internationally appraised, is about the theory of the poet, the located thinking and the cultural identity of Latin America.

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