Just Like Me

ISBN: 0516274953
ISBN 13: 9780516274959
By: Barbara J. Neasi Johanna Hantel

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About this book

Rookie Readers have provided entertaining, high-quality introductions to reading for more than a generation. Each title features full-color, often hilarious illustrations and engaging stories that always involve a young child figuring out concepts or solving problems on his or her own. Every new title contains a Word List and a color-coded reading-level key on the back cover.-- familiar ideas, objects, actions, and vocabulary-- somewhat longer sentences-- some repetition-- two-to-four lines of text per spreadThese twin sisters look alike and enjoy many of the same things. But when you get to know them, you'll see how different they are.

Reader's Thoughts


Good early readertwo twin sisters

Amy Brown

A story about two twin sisters who have some similarities and some differences. Rookie Reader Level B 58 words. AR 0.7

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