Karma’s a Bitch

ISBN: 0972697837
ISBN 13: 9780972697835
By: J. Gail

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About this book

What goes around, comes around.Tony Jackson has to learn this lesson the hard way. Labeled the "asshole of West Philly," Tony holds no shame in having other women in his girlfriend Quanisha's bed. There is little remorse after he knocks off a convenience store and beats the cashier down with a gun. He'll rob from his girl, his friends, people he doesn't know and ya mama. He doesn't care who he hurts. The question is when will Tony figure out that Karma's a Bitch? Maybe when he starts getting his Karma instantly and mercilessly he'll get the hint.Will a heavy dose of 'Instant Karma' show him that not contributing to society in any positive way is guaranteed to get him a one way ticket to no where? Or will he just keep digging himself deeper in a hole that could end up being his final resting place...This book will give you a chuckle, a laugh -- or at the very least a smile. But hey, don't laugh too hard... Karma is one persistent bitch that doesn't rest.Want more J.Gail books? Check out Thugs Are for Fun on Amazon (a 3-part series).

Reader's Thoughts

RK Byers

this was actually not very stupid at all!

Pam Herrmann

This book is all about karma. In the end Tony figures out that in order to have good things happen he has to give up his evil ways. What a bunch of messed up people!


This book was awesome. I read it and believe many need to read this book, the message is awesome and the author is phenomenal in her writing. I could see the characters and places that she wrote about. I have read many books and I can honestly say this book is great!! Tony is someone many of us have met in life or you may see yourself in the book. At the end life is about decisions and it's up to you to know what really matters. Thank you J. Gail. I suggested this book to a young man who needed to see himself in a book and make a difference in his life.

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