Keeping a Rendezvous

ISBN: 0679737146
ISBN 13: 9780679737148
By: John Berger

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Reader's Thoughts


This collections contains two astounding essays that reverberate in my memory. The first is about "shovelling shit" in the countryside and the philosophical implications of that profound activity, and the second is about Aesop and a painting of Aesop that unites both in an astounding commentary on voice and art and story.


I'm sure I'll say this again somewhere in my reviews, but read any John Berger you can. He's fantastic. (Seminal work: Ways Of Seeing)


Book of essays that I had mixed feelings about. Some were totally enthralling (ape theatre- apes vs. humans, Darwinism vs. creationism) and some I couldn't even get through. A good writer who has strong ideas and powerful language.

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