Kicking the Pricks

ISBN: 0879518448
ISBN 13: 9780879518448
By: Derek Jarman

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About this book

In 1986 Derek Jarman started filming "The Last of England," his most original and technically innovative film and also his most personal work. Shortly after the filming began, Jarman also began work on this volume of his journals, which contains diary entries and interviews, notes on the script, stills from the filming, and photographs of Derek, his family and friends.

Reader's Thoughts


This is fun read for anyone interested in knowing about Derek Jarman as an artist. You know, he directed some Smiths videos and other really cool british films....


see at your own risk review.

Dan Humphrey

Jarman's published diaries can Beas good as any of his films. This--along with DANCING LEDGE--is the best.


Obscure..I got lost several times.Jarman seems to refer to Italy in the sixties as the tripude of free society and Pasolini as a semigod..mhhh??


As always with Jarman, this is beautifully written and a joy to read. The heartbreaking elements of his later journals are largely absent here, as the writings collected focus mostly on The Last of England. A bit scattered and disjointed at times, this is the closest thing to a print version of one of his films, and is just as enthralling.

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