King Arthur

ISBN: 082253083X
ISBN 13: 9780822530831
By: Jeff Limke

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About this book

Young Arthur spends his days toiling as a squire--feeding the horses and hauling his big brother's armor. Around him, England is in turmoil, left without a king. But all that changes in one day, with one pull on the mysterious sword in the stone. Guided by Merlin the Magician, Arthur takes his place as the rightful heir to England's throne. He receives the sword Excalibur and wins the loyalty of the Knights of the Round Table. But can the young king win peace and freedom for England?

Reader's Thoughts


I really want to know how did he die?evilteddy

Emmet Miles

Pictures great, Story okay.1. Sword in the stone2. Arthur's army v. another king's army3. Arthur v. Green Knight

Jennifer Wardrip

Reviewed by Mechele R. Dillard for TeensReadToo.comBased on the legendary King Arthur, this English tale has been entertaining audiences since Sir Thomas Malory created the character in the 15th century. Whether or not King Arthur was inspired by a real man has never been determined, but one thing is certain: Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur looked nothing like the Limke-Yeates version. According to Yeates, he used both historic and traditional sources when shaping the artwork for the book. Together, he and Limke created a 21st-century version of Arthur that fans of both Arthurian legend and graphic novels will be unable to resist. Limke's adaptation of Malory's story is strong. This particular telling of the legend begins with the young Arthur, when he was a squire and England was in turmoil, without a king. When he pulls the sword from the stone, he becomes the next king of England--quite a responsibility for a boy. But, with the guidance of Merlin the Magician and the loyalty of the Knights of the Round Table, he becomes a good and powerful leader. The colorful graphics supplied by Yeates are stunning, and the glossary, index, and list of Web sites at the end will enhance this Arthurian experience for younger readers. Additionally, readers who enjoy this book should check out other books in the publisher's "Graphic Myths and Legends" series.

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