KnitLit the Third: We Spin More Yarns

ISBN: 1400097606
ISBN 13: 9781400097609
By: Molly Wolf Linda Roghaar

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About this book

Whether you’re a veteran knitter or brand-new to the needles, KnitLit creators Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf welcome you into their ever-growing circle with KnitLit the Third, an all-new collection of stories about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of knitting.With more than seventy contributors casting on here, you’ll meet enthusiasts—okay, knit-aholics—who know the frustration of having one’s needles confiscated at the airport. You’ll sympathize with owners of lush “problem skeins” that are impossible to knit. You’ll encounter the mysteries of never-matching baby booties–and the adventures of one suspicious knitter who’s convinced that a fellow knitting blogger is really a celebrity author in disguise. For those who approach this art from a more spiritual perspective, there are the stories that remind us of the power of a simple stitch. From the mother whose project provides comfort during her troubled pregnancy to a woman compelled to make dozens of blankets for Afghan refugees, each knitted and purled row offers the potential to heal ourselves.And so we spin on. KnitLit the Third is the latest in a pattern of poignant, hilarious, bittersweet, and inspiring yarns—created by and for lovers of the craft.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Reader's Thoughts


Not bad. A little schmaltzy, but heartwarming just the same. The series used to be about yarny stuff, now it just kind of seems to be Yarn Soup for the Soul.


This is the latest in a pattern of poignant, hilarious, bittersweet, and inspiring yarns—created by and for lovers of the craft.


Not that great.


This collection of stories and essays centered on knitters and knitting was uneven, but overall a pleasant read. I wasn't expecting great literature; I just wanted to feed my recent craving for all things related to knitting. The best thing about this book is that it introduced me to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, whose contribution of a story about being denied her knitting needles by the TSA for a flight that was delayed until the next day, and having to exist for that long without her knitting, was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. When I returned this book to the library, I looked for and found Pearl-McPhee's Free Range Knitter, and have been devouring it. Her story in KnitLit the Third was not a fluke.


Short essays on knitting


O.K. I admit I am obsessed with knitting. This book is great because it is stories by people with the same obsession. I love that I now have written proof that I am not the only one who is finishing presents on the way to the wedding, baptism, etc.

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