La autopista del sur y otros cuentos

ISBN: 014025580X
ISBN 13: 9780140255805
By: Julio Cortázar Aurora Bernárdez

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About this book

A young girl spends her summer vacation in a country house where a tiger roams...A man reading a mystery finds out too late that he is the murderer's victim...In the stories collected here—including Blow-Up, on which Antonioni based his film—Julio Cortazar explores the boundary where the everyday meets the mysterious, perhaps even the terrible. This is the most brilliant and celebrated book of short stories by a master of the form.

Reader's Thoughts


Or, as "read" as I think it will ever be.So far my favorite stories are "Final del juego" and "Los venenos." The first is about three girls that pose as statues for passing trains and the second tackles ant fumigation and young love.As of September 2009 I have given up on finishing this. I got tired of Cortazar's games. He can tell a good story when he isn't too concerned with his tricks. I'm sure I'll reread "Final del juego" and "Los venenos" some time.


Read the English version "Blow Up and Other Stories" if only for the Charlie Parker love song, "The Pursuer." An author to envy.


hermosos suenos, fuertes pensamientos

Zaida Machuca Inostroza

Leí este libro cuando estaba en el liceo. Me costó entenderlo, pero me gustó.

Jaimie Foster

You can't really go wrong with Cortazar. You really can't.

Francisco Zuniga

Cortazar es el genio de los cuentos cortos.

Laura Dăogaru

one of the most emotionaly thrilling stuff. i m in love with him

Pablo Paz

Y había leido casí todos los cuentos en otras ediciones.. buenisimo el de la autopista del sur... y el de la noche boca arriba es de sus mejores cuentos.


Cortazar is one of my favorite authors. The title story La autopista del sur is an amazing piece of fiction. But everything he writes is interesting and thought provoking. I read almost all of Cortazar in a Spanish seminar with one of the best professors I've ever had. It is the kind of literature that requires a group so you can tease out all the hidden meanings.


Another one of those writers you probably either love or hate. I wouldn't claim to "get" all his stories, but the not-getting is the fun part.

Emma B

Currently reading: "La noche boca arriba" ("The Night Face Up")I've read this story in English, and thought it was fantastic. I found the Spanish version being handed to me yesterday. This is much harder. I have to stop every third sentence and ask what something means.


considero "La autopista del sur" uno de los mejores cuentos cortos de Cortazar, junto con "Casa tomada" y "Final del juego". Es uno de mis autores preferidos por su narrativa y por evocar tan vivas imagenes y sentimientos para aquellos que han vivido en el exilio.

Ariel Pérez

Mi cuento favorito

Dj Spark

awesome, though my spanish skills didn't help much


Una colección excelente que muestra la amplitud de la carrera de Cortázar, con cuentos recopilados de cada etapa de la larga trayectoria del autor. Y, aunque no hace falta decirlo, Cortázar es una chimba.

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