La Tête d’un homme

ISBN: 2266001612
ISBN 13: 9782266001618
By: Georges Simenon

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About this book

A rich American widow and her maid have been stabbed to death in a brutal attack. All the evidence points to Joseph, a young drifter, and he is soon arrested. But what is his motive? Or is he just a pawn in a wider conspiracy?Inspector Maigret believes the police have the wrong man and lets him escape from prison to prove his innocence. perhaps, with Joseph on the loose, the real murderer will surface.A deadly game of cross and double-cross has begun...

Reader's Thoughts


Perhaps I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for a mystery, but I found this book to be terribly dull. It was rather obvious who was behind the murder, but it didn't matter because I didn't care. Thank goodness this was only 150 pages long!


Highly enjoyable. Always like a bit of the cat and mouse game between detective and criminal.


Another strong entry in Simenon's Maigret series. I like how Simenon structured the start of the story, pushing us into a narrative that has been running for quite some time.


Again, selected for my travels to Belgium, The Netherlands and Prague, I had no idea about the author or the book --ended up thoroughly enjoying it. The murder mystery had enough twists (won't give any away I promise) to keep you guessing and not so outlandish as to be unbelievable. Reminded me of Crime and Punishment the way the police inspector kept coming back to his suspect putting that subtle psychological pressure on him.


this is the first novel i've read by georges simenon period, and the first i've read in his detective series featuring inspector maigret. having just read my first martin beck novel, i was much struck by the similarities between the two heroes: both have a determined, patient, and inexorable approach to the crimes in question though maigret, being french, seems to give a bit more of his inner turmoil away, and in general seems more loved and respected by his peers. and really, one feels how french this novel is: some turns of phrase in english seemed to reverberate with the language they've been translated from; i could hear the french behind them, even those words that aren't devoted to the streets and cafes of paris and the surrounding countryside. the story is of a man who has been convicted of a double homicide: he is set free in the hope that maigret can find out definitively whether he committed the crime, despite the facts of the case. i will be reading more. :)

Jason Reeser

The first Maigret book I've read, and it was excellent. The atmosphere, the characters, the Paris backdrop, all of it just perfect. The mystery itself was great. As other people have said, a real mix of the Chandler-like noir with Sherlock Holmes. I wasn't sure what that meant when I started it, but it is the perfect description. I want to read more of Simenon. I wish there was a collection for Kindle. I'll have to save my money.

Geschickt erzählte Variation auf «Verbrechen und Strafe».

Jason Paulios

Definitely wouldn't have seen this ending coming, one of his darkest and most psychologically complicated Maigret stories that I've read. Most are pretty slick and good enough to just keep reading one after another, this one actually made me stop and think afterwards.


Al solito: prosa piacevole, intreccio intrigante, e nelle ultime trenta pagine l'antipaticissimo deus ex machina che rovina tutto il divertimento risolvendo la vicenda off-screen. E va be'.

Ma'lis Wendt

This classic Simenon was the perfect read for a Paris vacation. The Inspector suspects that he has arrested the wrong man and so engineers his escape in order to locate his accomplices. Lots of Paris atmosphere and steady police work.

Filippo Bossolino

Ho trovato curioso il fatto che in questo quinto episodio della saga Maigret, il commissario metta a rischio la propria carriera per salvare la vita ad un condannato a morte, in quanto da lui ritenuto non colpevole dei crimini per cui accusato. Fra l'altro arrestato da Maigret stesso. Ho trovato curioso questo aspetto soprattutto perché nel romanzo precedente Maigret si rende "colpevole" del suicidio di una persona… Ma al di là dei possibili confronti rispetto agli scritti anteriori, "Una testa in gioco" rimane un'altra perla di Simenon. La parte relativa al rapporto Maigret-Radek è di assoluta intensità psicologica; entrambi decisi a non mollare, impostano una guerra di nervi, in cui Maigret, chiaramente, esce vincitore alla distanza.


A short Maigret in the classic Simenon tradition wherein Maigret solves a baffling mystery. An old woman and her maid is killed by a man to whom all the evidence points, yet even though he was the arresting officer, Maigret cannot reconcile the psychology of the man with the evidence. He arranges for the convicted killer to escape, risking his reputation and job discovering the identity of the true murderer while drawing on his pipe and sipping at his Calvados.The Maigret novels are addictive.

Francesca Tessari

La presenza di Maigret �� determinante come sempre: solo con la sua mole terrorizza i criminali, ma erano altri tempi e probabilmente questo genere non fa per me.


Meh. I've now read two Maigret novels, and I just don't see what the big sneeze is about them. I read one in French, and thought, "Meh...but maybe it's because my French is rusty." Well, now I've read one in English, and had exactly the same reaction, so I don't think the language is the problem.There's just not much there, there.

Jane Massy

Great story, really enjoy the character of Maigret! Interesting villain - and victim who is not the subject of the murder but someone set up to be falsely accused.

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